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  • mbryan777 - Restored Battery from Junk to New Condition

    My battery was ready for the place where batteries go when they die. Like one of the other reviewers, I have a rear wheel drive muscle car in the mid-west that is not driven more than once a month and not at all during periods of ice and snow. The car also has a slight current draw that has taken the battery down into the 1-3 volt range multiple times.

  • J. J. - This stuff taste awful.

    They said bubble gum? A friend of mine told me about this stuff and I just ordered it without reading the description. Yuck taste like wax. This product was as misleading as that other nasty jam, KY Jelly. You know that stuff isn't really jelly at all? It's something to grease your ball bearings with or something. But I didn't find out until I ruined what could have been a perfectly good peanut butter sandwich. Anyone have any other tastey treat ideas they would like to give me?