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Club Español del Perro de Pastor del Cáucaso - Web Oficial del Club Español del Perro de Pastor del Cáucaso. Calendario de actividades, Criadores, Ejemplares, etc.

Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

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    Product really works well as described. Like the capacity of the amount of water still getting used to the different tips have used the jet tip,the tongue scraper,as well as the pin point tip for cleaning below the gum line. Haven't tried the nasal flush or spray tips yet. Overall I really like the H2O floss.

  • Amazon Customer - Removed support for kindle on android platforms means unhappy customers.

    Well, I loved this magazine in paper form and I have been using my kindle android app for a good time now. So I went to see if it was on the news stand, and to my surprise it was. Looking at compatibility however really angered me as they let iPhone/iPad users with the app download and read the magazine but not android users? I wonder if PopSci is supporting the apple monopoly here? I bet if they could allow only iPhone/iPad devices to use it and block out Kindles as well, they would.

  • Amazon Customer - A Balanced performer, Great buy and Superb set

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  • J. Pate - awesome bmx bike

    I love this bike. Nothing has gone since I've had it. People say stuff about the handel bars sliping but i have had no problems since i tightend the screws tightly. When you take it out of the box it is already almost fully assembled. The head's screws are tight so what i did is put a dish cloth over the allen kee so it would not hurt my hands when i ajusted it. I have put this bike through a lot and it is good as new. It is very light and i would reccomind this bike for anyone who wants a fast bike that is rugged good for dirt and crusing along the naborhood or just jumping ramps.

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