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  • C.K. - I was not impressed by this pillowcase at all after ...

    I was not impressed by this pillowcase at all after using it for a couple of weeks. While it is soft, I did not notice a discernible difference in my acne. The material is also very flimsy, thin, and wrinkly. I wound up throwing it in a drawer to be used just as an extra pillowcase if I need one. Considering the price, I really wish I had not purchased it.

  • Amazon Customer - Good, sturdy product but no need to lock

    Racks fit great but rubber top covers make locks useless. Pull rubber back to remove connecting hardware. A sliding metal cover that requires removal of locking end caps access connecting hardware would be more secure. Great product if you're not overly concerned with security.

  • jinx_nm - Huge Hidden Problem!

    I was enthusiastic to save money with Magic Jack Plus, and I was pleased with the call quality until I learned of a huge hidden issue. A client of mine tried to call me from a business that has a large phone network, and for whatever reason their phone number is not displayed by caller ID. Instead of ringing straight through, she heard a tacky Magic Jack ad followed by a message that her call could not be completed. When I contacted Magic Jack to learn how I could change this setting, they offered no alternative. I told them that this was a deal breaker for me, so they told me how to cancel service. This could be a huge issue for anyone who receives calls from large businesses, institutions, or friends and family members that have restricted numbers (as some people in law enforcement do for their own protection). If I do not want to answer an unidentified call I prefer to receive it, let it go to voicemail, and then call the person back if it is legitimate. Not receiving important calls, or worse yet looking tacky to clients are real business killers. I wish I had known in advance, so I felt compelled to let others know to save them the inconvenience of buying the unit and service and then cancelling.

  • rainbowgurl23 - More Gore Does Not Equal A Great Show

    Well, I can't believe the day has finally come where I will stop watching this show. Someone else commented on here about being tired of the same story basically being recycled, but with more and more gore. Yes, that is exactly what this opening episode was, and I just don't think making something traumatizing means it's a good show. I personally have been more captivated by Fear the Walking Dead, which as rich characters and more interesting storylines. FTWD is an intense show, but they use gore in a way that's compelling, not just for shock factor. I'm so disappointed with this season's opener, and I'm so over this basic story line of seeing Rick and company be dragged through hell just to come out fine on the other end (this hasn't happened yet, but I know that's what's going to happen). I'm bummed out that I bought the full season pass for this show, and am hoping that I can get my money back since I don't plan on watching it anymore.

  • DJ Caliban - Intuit is little more than a scam

    I've used Quickbooks Pro 2007 for my business since switching at the beginning of 2007 from AccountEdge. I'm not a bookkeeper, and don't have time to learn to be one, and bookkeepers who can use anything but Quickbooks are impossible to find. As it turns out, bookkeepers who I would hire to use my version could barely use it as it lacked common Wintel features. Passing the company file back and fourth - what should be a SIMPLE and ESSENTIAL task, was impossible. No problem doing that with Office, with music files, video, PDF, and just about anything else. Intuit is either utterly incompetent at engineering a decent datafile or consciously choosing to screw their Mac users.