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  • Levitha deSouza - Female teen unhappy with Xbox One and game Just Dance 2016.

    Daughter was unhappy with the way Microsoft developed the game. She states that found out that Microsoft has it so people would have to purchase the songs in the game to dance to. We have not been able to use the game as daughter decided to return the Xbox One to Best Buy as daughter was unhappy with the way Microsoft developed the product. Since Just Dance 2016 had been opened for attempt to play thought had to keep it.

  • Kyle Bonorden - Honest to goodness life changer

    Am a 43 year old male. Have had sleep issues for the past 15 years. Started using the basic mat under my legs every night, and now I sleep like a 12 year old, i.e. dead to the world.

  • Scarlet - I am thoroughly impressed so far.

    I do not start writing reviews right away. I like to get to know the product that I have purchased. I started out with a different companies motherboard, and had many issues. While it was off for the RMA, I purchased this board. I have had this for nearly a month now.

  • MakeupExclusives - I love the stylish bottle that this product comes in

    First of all, I love the stylish bottle that this product comes in. It's very sleek and expensive looking. It has a great smell to it. I've noticed the some eye creams do not smell pleasant. Be sure to keep the nozzle clean of excess product so it doesn't dry and become difficult to get out. I've been using this for a few weeks now. I have some melasma underneath my eyes so I was hoping that the retinol would help with that. I don't notice a difference in pigment, but I do notice the difference in fine lines. It seems to puff my skin up slightly so the appearance of crows feet is minimized. Overall, for the price I believe it's a good buy! I will come back and update this review if the brown spots lighten.

  • Edd P - Great pedal. Grossly overpriced.

    Sort of a mixed review. The pedals are great. Using them on three different road bikes, HOWEVER.. the price here is INSANE! Sold elswhere for $200. less.

  • k2ee - These blades just don't cut it...

    These blades are mediocre at best. I've used them for several months now and they still irritate my face. I thought at first that I may have just received some bad blades but they are all the same. As one reviewer pointed out, you need to go lightly on the first pass then go over it again but it seems like it takes several passes to get a decent shave and still my skin is irritated afterwards. I've used many different razors over my lifetime and my favorites are the Schick Hydro followed by the Gillette Fusion both of which have 5 blades. Maybe the extra blade is too much, who knows? I was hoping these would be similar to those two but the quality just doesn't seem to be there. They get points for value though. The trim blade is a nightmare to use under my nose so I have to use an old Trac 2 razor instead for that spot.

  • Ms. L - What I like most is there wasn't a chalky taste or gritty ...

    Yummy! What I like most is there wasn't a chalky taste or gritty texture to the shakes. I used almond milk, powder, strawberry, blue berry and pineapple and was satisfied as if it were a meal. When I have tried others it messes with my stomach but this was great!