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  • Jorge - WES/PES fan since day one, but PES2014 is a huge dissapointment - it lags and has frame rate problems which are very annoying.

    I have been playing Winning Eleven since day one. I used to play the Japanese version in my modified PS1 years ago. I would recommend all WE/PES games to anyone, except PES2014. This year the game has very annoying frame rate problems - the game is too slow! I was expecting a product at least a bit better than last year, but I am disappointed because the gaming experience is not good at all. Also, I have been waiting for the "Liga MX" for many years; even though PES added Argetina's and Chile's first division leagues, I am still disappointed in the fact that they have been unable to successfully negotiate with Liga MX to add them to their game. A couple of things I like about PES2014 are being able to block cheaters/laggers when playing online ranking games and the free kick experience which is much better this year than previous years.

  • Donna Davis - The good nd the bad...

    I have had my Roomba for about 4 months now. It was love at first sight, really. I hate vacuuming with an unholy passion but, unfortunately, with 3 boys and 5 cats in the house, it was an inevitable daily chore, lest my house look like a white trash haven and the fur-bunnies from the cats start plotting world domination. Enter Roomba. He did the job (yes, "he"), cleaning my entire living room and dining room flooring sweetly and perfectly. Edges looked great, he never chewed on the furniture or drapes, never complained, did all the cleaning fairly quietly in the middle of the night, and was overall perfection.

  • J. Do - have comcast? use the auto-activation. don't call those morons.

    hey, amazonians! i got this because i read the other reviews that it works with comcast. unfortunately, comcast doesn't know that it works with comcast - are you surprised? i called and was on the phone for more than an hour while the tech tried to enter in all the information over the phone. they said i needed to bring it into a comcast location to get it manually entered - shut the front door. i asked for a supervisor who also knew nothing. i heard munching on popcorn in the background. whatevs.

  • K. W. Queen - He keeps her engaged and having lots of fun. I am looking into the SDK and see ...

    Got this little guy "for my daughter" who is 9 and I must say I haven't been able to play with him yet. He keeps her engaged and having lots of fun. I am looking into the SDK and see much potential if I ever get my hands on it again. I have seen people complaining about various things but in my opinion these people were expecting a little too much for a robot with facial recognition at this price point.

  • M. Pantalone - Didn't work for me, either

    Like the other reviewer, this product failed for me, too. And the finger I was treating developed a second wart. I'm back to the brush-on liquid type of treatment. I don't recommend this product at all.

  • Amazon Customer - It is made for US customers only!!

    The charger is only 110V!!! This means this product is only for US market! Because if you attempt to charge the battery in any other place you will fry it!

  • ianramos - Great product!

    This software is an amazing tool to help you prepare for your DAT. Each question has been meticulously designed and are accompanied by helpful explanations that are easy to digest. In addition, it is extremely simple to setup and they have an outstanding customer service support team. I highly recommend this product if you are truly serious in taking the DAT.