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  • Jeff Blazer - Thoroughly Disappointed

    I purchased the Mountain Three Wolf Moon Tee with very high hopes based on the numerous 5 star reviews. I suppose it functions quite well as a generic, cotton-blend covering, but it makes for an extremely poor talisman as I had been led to expect. So please -- heed this warning -- do not climb into the Wild Spirit wolf sanctuary in Ramah, New Mexico. I was ruthlessly mauled and permanently disfigured. Suffice it to say that because I wasn't medically insured, this t-shirt cost me $681,000.

  • t.tiame - Ads! Ads! and more Ads!

    The interface for 2016 is MUCH harder to use then earlier versions but the backups run fine. What is terrible is how often Acronis pops up Ads on your computer. It's non-stop! I had to take Acronis off of my kids computers because they kept clicking on them which led to inappropriate content.

  • jellybeanmau - Bedtime with my pickle (my son's nickname)

    The only thing that we didn't like about this book was that it didn't have enough stories. We could never agree on how many. He wanted more & more & while I enjoyed reading them as much as he enjoyed listening, I knew that I had to set a for the night. After each story he loved telling me the lesson it taught. Please keep these books coming. I just hope that they "get older" with him. Thank you for all the great bedtime memories!

  • JaKs ReViEw - Good buy on my part.

    The part that rounds your ear to hold the earbuds in place is to big for my ear so the earbuds have to readjusted many times. I pretty much have to force them to stay in my ear. I haven't ran with them as of yet, I am willing to bet, they fall off my ear walking, they will most likely do the same running.

  • rfeconomics - Worked for me

    I have read some of the more critical reviews here and I agree it isn't intensive in practicing under exam like conditions. There is a lot of practice in the form of drills, that intend for you to work on the building blocks of what you would do in an actual question. This gets a little exasperating at times. You want to actually practice and it goes on and on with that sort of thing. Nevertheless, for people like me who can't afford an LSAT class, this book is an excellent introduction. The books does say clearly that it only includes one practice test and that you should purchase more official LSAT practice tests once your done.

  • Izzy Felder - Hair Max Laser Comb

    No trials or evidence of effectiveness for women, yet a woman is pictured in the adverstisment. Mentions some negative side effects in trials, but does not describe them. Item returned. Way too pricey to take on such risks.