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  • Christopher A. Jones - Not as bad as I thought it would be

    Real luthiers use powdered hide glue. This is not really anything like that. I do like the fact that you don't have to heat it, you can break the bond fairly easily (it 'cracks' nicely), and it has a long drying time. This is great for minor DIY guitar repairs, and although it's a little messy it is fairly easy to remove and doesn't stain.

  • Jay Powell - Seems like it will work out just fine for our intended ...

    My wife got this for exercise purposes. Seems like it will work out just fine for our intended purpose.

  • Ms. M - Phenomal job hunting book - I don't hunt without it

    Phenomenal. I buy the revised version nearly every year whether I'm job-hunting or not. I like to stay abreast of current hiring practices to stay sharp. This is the book I buy and give as a gift to friends who tell me they are job-hunting. It's an easy read with excellent insight and advice. It's updated every year to reflect changes in hiring trends and interview styles.

  • J. Daigneault - MMMMmmm

    I had read a bunch of reviews from guys saying they were offended by all the jokes against males, so I thought they were just being "we todd it". I mean there are soooo many movies with the bimbo girl and we ladies don't even blink twice it's been brainwashed into our heads that it's acceptable. I say if you can dish it you can take it. Unfortunately that is not what's wrong with the movie. It's just not a blockbuster. My favorite parts were when they play the original theme song and the dancing. I would have jumped out of bed and did a dance myself if they had played the Bobby Brown Ghostbusters song! …."we're gonna have to take control…" Oh well.