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  • Amazon Customer - I'm a big fat guy and this is the best mattress I've ever owned

    . I weigh 330 lbs and I've been either overweight or obese my whole life. Shopping for a mattress has always been a futile endeavor; because of my weight there really is no "best" mattress for me as they would all wear out quickly. soft, firm, it didn't matter because it was always a battle between sacrificing comfort for longevity or going for comfort and having to buy a new mattress every few years. every mattress I've ever owned has been not very comfortable and didn't last long, until now.

  • oddie - Still Amazed and satisfied.

    I started using Groganics products in February of 2014 I love these products I left a review about the Head Full of Hair along with the other groganics products that I purchased earlier and my hair has since grown at least six inches or more, in fact I was could for the first time in over a year use foam rollers I was amazed and so thankful I sent pics to my daughter and she was even surprised to see the progress that has taken place since I started with the products. I have a son who uses them as well and he loves the products it has given new life to his hair. I hope that this review is helpful to someone who is looking for help with the regrowth and or repair of their damaged hair. And as I stated in my earlier review that everything don't always work for everyone but I can truthfully say that this has been, and still is a blessing to me in my efforts to regrow my hair.

  • Heather - Buyer Beware - won't hang flush to ceiling

    I was so excited to install this light in our baby's nursery. We are extremely frustrated by the fact that the "dome" does not fit over the plate. The IKEA video makes it looks so easy, but there is definitely a fault in the manufacturing, because there is no way to get it to fit. So our light is dangling a few inches from the ceiling. Do not recommend this product.

  • C. Henry - Fast Access to Specific Scholarships

    We love this version of the book because it allows use to search and filter data on scholarships in countless ways. Very pleased.

  • rory.talbot - ACT! 2011

    Given how consistently buggy this software is, I can only conclude that ACT! is deliberately defective. Sheer random chance could not dictate the volume of problems this awful program has, so therefore it must be intentional. The MYSQL interface burns everything in its path. Customer service is non-existent. It's like they are inviting you to leave. They want you to pay them to tech in their awful software. It doesn't work on all machines. It loses all your data. It destroys your Outlook. Installing it creates more problems than the worst virus. Not an exaggeration. I've had to deal with the most pernicious viruses ever conceived by man, and this software makes them all look tame by comparison. We ordered 3 copies for our company, one of which was accidentally destroyed by the shipper. Little did we know that that would be the best part of our experience with ACT! by Sage. When we finally got a version working, we had to re-input all of our data several times because it kept crashing, then refusing to load. In total this year, we've lost 207 man hours trying to use this worthless program. THE BEST PART OF THIS PROGRAM IS UNINSTALLING IT.

  • Gret - Costumer service is awful

    I ordered proactive a few months ago. It worked for me, but I did not know that I would keep receiving it every 6 weeks. I cancelled it and kept receiving. I cancelled it because I do not have the money for it and I cannot use their products because I am pregnant. They are refunding those packages but they wont pay for the shipment. I also found another version of Proactive at Walmart that might not be the same quality, but worked as well. I will NOT recommend Proactive to anyone. The costumer service lady was very rude.