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  • P. K. Bellville - Where is th upgade?

    Roxio does a fine job selling their product and I have bought a couple upgrades over the years. My gripe is that I can't really see much change or improvement from one upgrade to the next. The features are generally scaled down versions of useful programs. I like having all the features in one package. I use the audio program frequently. It does what I want without bloated overhead and without a steep learning curve. It does not copy protected discs. It has fewer functions than appears because Roxio parses out functions into separate packages that might otherwise be expected under one umbrella.

  • Xteach - Good product for colored hair

    Heard this was a great product for toning down blonde color. It works and leaves hair less brassy looking

  • Amazon Customer - Eye opener!

    OMG! I know so many people taking multiple prescription drugs daily and yet don't seem to be getting better-now I know it could make their health worse! I too am eating too much of the wrong things, but now I know better and plan to make changes starting today. It just makes sense!

  • B. J. in Oregon - PERFECT TOUCH-UP!

    I have crazy eyebrows that seem to have a life of their own, and grow over night. If I am going out, I cannot groom them by plucking with tweezers because then I look as if I had been stung by bees with red blotchy skin that even make-up doesn't really cover. The Lumina Hair Remover is perfect at anytime, but especially good for these last minute touch-ups. It's the best grooming aid ever!!!

  • linds - A very nice car seat - love the look

    A very nice car seat - love the look! We were concerned about the texture of the fabric. It is soft enough and appears to be soil resistant. We have had it for 2 months and still looks brand new. My granddaughter seems to enjoy it. We started using it just before her first birthday. She has never looked uncomfortable and have never had to reposition her. It sits high enough that she can see out the windows of our Honda Civic. We needed help to install it, but once in, it's good. The only negative thing I have to say is that even though I do physical work with my hands, on a daily basis, I do not have enough strength in my hands to press the latch release. This is in part because it fits so close against the child's body. Some of my friends with small kids say that their toddler unfastens their own car seats. Given the choice, I prefer the well-locked one, but it would be good to be able to achieve both goals! I have total peace of mind about this seat, which is why I purchased it.

  • jrog812 - Falls short

    Maybe I should've seen the actual size in the product specs, but this antennae is way shorter than I expected. The pinky sized accessory wouldn't bother me do much if it had worked well at all. FM comes in ok, but good luck listening to AM. I ordered the 13" stubby that's also available on amazon and it works great and looks better.