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City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • F.H.L. - This is a great collection and reflects those works relevant to the times

    Gingko does a magnificent job reproducing Alex Gross' stunning artwork. This is a great collection and reflects those works relevant to the times. There is some amount of repetition for the study of "Detail" in the works enclosed, but this art is actually very fantastic and well worth the attention given it. I am glad I bought this book,

  • PJ Ellison - Great product without the harmful chemicals

    Great product without the harmful chemicals. I've shared with my friends who totally agree, very effective against the mosquitos here in Hawaii.

  • Shellie L Robinson - Burned the heck out of my gums and throat. ...

    Burned the heck out of my gums and throat. Yes, I know I was to carefully put onto just my teeth, but after it sits in your mouth, the gel thins and spreads. I've not been able to force myself to try it a third time :/

  • Matthias - Owning a 30oz tumbler like this myself

    I purchased this cup for my grandma, who loves to drink ice water all day long. She always complains about the ice melting too fast and her having to refill it to often. Owning a 30oz tumbler like this myself, I thought of getting her one right away, but figured the 20oz model was a better choice for her. As soon as she opened the box her eyes lit up and you could see how excited she was for her new tumbler! We also monogrammed it for her with her name, so there was no mistake, this was HER cup! She darted off to the kitchen and gave it a quick was and filled it with her beloved Ice water. Several hours later she was amazed that the ice had hardly shifted in shape or melted. She just explodes with excitement whenever she gets the cup, or anyone asks her about it. It's her new favorite possession in life, and grandpa will just have to deal :-)

  • Larry R - Good Starter

    I bought this book to "re-familiarize" myself with Access. It did that job well and brought my knowledge back to where it was when I used Access (2003) consistently. It also enhanced that knowledge considerably since it went into macros and writing VBA. Not that this is a book on programming, but it gave me enough of a head start so that I could continue with a very solid foundation. I would recommend this book to anyone that needs a very good starter on Access 2010. If you want to dive more into macros and coding, this and another book would be a good way to get started.

  • Robby - It WORKS, but can be challenging at times

    I first saw Jorge Cruise on the Tyra Banks show about a year ago, he promoted the Belly Fat Cure website and said the book would be coming out the following year. I immediately went to his website and looked up the details of the diet. I was shocked to hear that I had to eat less than 15 grams of sugar in one day. I had to really cut down on milk, bananas, and other foods that have a surprising amount of sugar. BUT it worked...the first week my belly shrank a lot (I was following the diet and working out every other day). I mean I really noticed a difference, more than I have on any other eating plan.