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  • compman - Exceeded my expectations

    First off, I hadn't intended to pay this much for a tablet, but after a bad experience with an off brand I decided to stick with a brand I knew and trusted. It was definitely the right move. Although $100 more than the off brand the quality and reliability was well worth it. This is a large tablet, so portability could be a problem for some. But if you are looking for a larger screen that is more like a lap top then this is the tablet for you. Out of the box I was impressed with the quality and build. It is a little hefty, but the feel of this tablet in your hands lets you know it is an ergonomic masterpiece. The screen is bright and crisp and the touch control is precise no matter where you touch the screen. The quad core processor and 2 GB of system RAM make for effortless and fast navigation. Even when I tried to stress the system the response was fast and fluid. It comes with Android 6.0 which has some new and updated features over 5.1. You will need to take the time to learn the new system to be able to take advantage of it's full potential. As far as games, I am not a gamer. But I would have to assume it would handle most games without a problem. Boot up is fast, but waiting for the ASUS splash screens to pass can be a bit irritating. The front and rear cameras work well, however the quality is just average. I expected a little more from the cameras. The sound is good with the two front mounted speakers. Volume is adequate for everyday use but for any serious listening you will need headphones. It charges via a micro USB port with the included AC adapter. You can add a micro SD card to increase storage space, which for most will be a necessity. The back of the tablet is a textured, vinyl like material which makes holding the tablet more secure. A case is a must, especially if you intend to take it with you when you travel. Watching movies and clips from files or streaming from the internet has been trouble free with no problems from lag or buffering. I spent several hours just testing features and trying to find problems, but this tablet has exceeded my expectations. Being a certified business machine/computer tech, I look for things that could cause potential problems. Even though there are a few things I mentioned earlier that could be a little better, they in no way affect the overall quality and performance of this tablet. If you are looking for a high quality, reliable tablet then this should satisfy all your needs. It certainly satisfied mine.

  • Patricia - No flu shot for me!

    This is one of the best discoveries ever. I carry one in my car, one in my purse and one at my bedside. I have stayed healthy all winter and I usually am sick all winter. Is this the reason why? I can't prove it, but I sure do believe so!

  • Bren - Very helpful

    Helps alot!!!! I only had 3 weeks to study for the test but this book was awesome and helped me a lot!

  • Russell StJohn - i hate this book

    it's bad enough that the teacher i have for this class doesn't give complete information, but the fact that the information in the steps in the Tutorials in this book are incomplete and incorrect. i don't know if it's an issue with the version of visual basic that i have or what, but when it tells you to do something that you know is wrong, that isn't right. if someone's going to write a book (or re-write it, in the case of the companies who 'have to do so in order to keep profits up') then make sure the freaking tutorials work. how can anyone be expected to work the case problems if they can't even figure out THE TUTORIAL!?

  • Gillian L. Rosheuvel - Introducing

    It's interesting to view this album through the lens of history. Whether aware of it or not, most music fans are quite familiar with Massive and the long shadow they've cast over pop music. But 11 years ago, the mix of musical styles that would later come to be termed (somewhat simplistically) trip-hop was new and invigorating. Listening to it in 2002, "Blue Lines" has the effect of taking you back to the year of your choice: 1975 ("Be Thankful For What You've Got"), 1988 ("Daydreaming"); 1991 ("Lately"). Yet, this album is no retro piece. Instant classics like "Safe From Harm", "Unfinished Sympathy", and "Five Man Army" herald new approaches to hip-hop and dance music in particular, and pop music in general.