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  • Ambre Chenoweth - Great Product!

    Makes my skin feel amazing! Love how soft and hydrated my skin feels...I am now using the whole skin care line!

  • josselin villegas - Gave me terrible worse acne i had never seen in my life

    It dries out your skin wich is normal for acne treatments..i was so excited for this product .i didnt suffer from acne during puberty but i hit 22 and started breakin out on my right side around my chin and cheek. I used this for a little over 2 weeks until i stopped because all of a sudden i was gettin huge pimples that i had never ever gotten until i started usin this product.never had i gotten a pimple on my nose and i got one with this product and on top of my lip also..i just started gettin acne i had never ever had . Might work for some but not for me!

  • Provenzano Family - LOVE

    Truly made with the customers interest in mind. As a reviewer I try my best to give an honest opinion and review of each item

  • avidreader251 - Awesome product

    I've not used any other product since I discovered Wet & Forget after watching an episode of Today's Homeowner. I'd owned an electric pressure washer before, but didn't like the noise, water use, and labor involved. Wet & Forget is so simple to use, just be sure to follow the simple mixing instructions. Of course its not for immediate results, but I use it on my vinyl siding and unstained concrete porches and just wait for it to work. I only use it twice a year and it keeps everything mold and mildew free.

  • taxfree4 - I have a metal one one but this is much better as it doesn't conduct the heat so it's cool ...

    Simple, efficient and extremely portable. I bought this for a camping trip and wound up using it for hume. I have a metal one one but this is much better as it doesn't conduct the heat so it's cool to the touch.

  • Michael C Vatterott - Pool Leak

    9/21/2013, my inground pool that is 20x40,10' deep ,pepple tec finish ,holds about 37500 gal. had been leaking about 1 inch a day from a return line. there is a terrace behind the pool that was always wet. I read lots of comments about Fix A Leak both good and bad, but here's my experience, i ordered 2 quarts, removed my cartridge filters,turned the chlorinater to off. turned pump back on and poured both quarts down one of the skimmers, my pool has 2 main drains in the deep end, i kept both of my skimmers on, This was 9/11/13 @ 6:00pm from this time i stirred the pool with my 24" broom just sweeping the shallow end towards the deep end, the sides towards the deep end drains, deep end towards deep end drains, you will only see a little cloud of white fix a leak when you stir it up. I did this every 6 hours for 3 days, after that i put filters back in and started using my pool cleaner to remove any extra Fix A Leak there wasn't much residue left. The terrace behind the pool started to dry up in the next couple of days and remains dry to this day, i run my pump 24/7 everything worked great, I would use this product before ripping up the concrete. It left no mess in the pool.