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  • Amazon Customer - Gets the job done!

    Easy to assemble and mount on my big tractor.I can broadcast seeds and disk them in in one pass. Economical and very usefull

  • Babbity Rabbity - Not a secure fit to dryer barrell

    The attachment does not fit securely to the barrel of my blow dryer the way my Conair attachment does. It keeps sliding off the barrel. If it were more secure the product would be perfect!

  • StephenH - Hardware great but software not so

    The hardware is great. The Power Panel software for Linux is a different story. There is no graphical user interface. Communication has been problematic. I finally found that the fix was to install hidapi and libhid. If these are needed, they should have been specified as dependencies in the RPM package. It would have saved some significant frustration.

  • Hessam - Not as good as you see on the

    Feet for civic 2015. It's overpriced but I had to buy it as wanted to cover the whole front shield. Not as good as you see on the pictures

  • Amazon Customer - If you need great radio reception

    If you need great radio reception, this is maybe not the best option. But, if you primarily listen to SiriusXM, or CDs, or your phone, and you want a great looking antenna that will never hit the top of the garage door, or break off in a car wash, or whistle and vibrate in the wind, then this is exactly what you need. It removes the distracting factory antenna from your field of view. It makes the factory antenna just go away, which is what I wanted most. Perfect.

  • Elizabeth - SCAM! good product besides robbing people

    I am 29yrs old and decided to give it a shot, I do not have sensitive skin or anything just looking a liitle aged lol so 2 months ago I signed up for a 30 day supply and was very happy with the results it was more than I could use it 2 or 3 months so I canceled and figured in a few months when I need it again I will order another 30 day supply. Well NO NEED a 2 months after canceling and not getting anymore products MEANINGFUL BEAUTY decided to take 50$ out of my account on there own! Now wait it gets so much WORSE! I called at 8:19am as soon as i saw my account and after waiting 18minutes to speak to someone the young lady told me I CAN NOT CANCEL because I was automatically (magically somehow) signed up for the 90 subscription and MY ACCOUNT WILL HAVE $100 MORE TAKEN OUT OVER THE NEXT 2 MONTHS AND I CANNOT STOP IT! I was obviously very upset when told this, so I made it clear Im not arguing at this point to even be reimbursed the $50 just taken I was now just Desperate to not have another $100 taken and Make sure I was canceled and I assured them when I receive the product I will PROMPTLY send it back to them. None of what I said mattered I was repeatedly told I CANNOT cancel in the middle of a 90 day and there is a 24hr window at the end of the 90 days I can call and cancel if I miss that window I will automatically be charge another $150. I had to go to my bank and literally have my account CLOSED because my bank couldn't even put a stop on the payments. I now have to transfer all my stuff over to a new card and am out 50$ PLEASE spare yourselves!