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  • lucian303 - Fun football simulation and PES installment with flaws

    After reading so many reviews of this game online, I actually opted for FIFA 14 for the first time in 14 years or so. That frustration led me back to PES 2014, despite all the bad reviews. I found out that those reviews are generally no longer accurate.

  • orangecowcat - Fantastic diffuser at a very good price!

    This is a powerhouse diffuser in a small package! This has easily become one of my favorite diffusers in my house. It's not huge, which means I can put it in any room with ease. It's super quiet while running. It has many options for the mist and color as well.

  • LizardQueen - Very solid collection overall

    Standouts for me were Alice Munro's "Night," Vanessa Veselka's "Highway of Lost Girls," Kevin Sampsell's "'I'm Jumping Off the Bridge,'" Angela Morales's "The Girls in My Town," Zadie Smith's "Some Notes on Attunement," Tod Goldberg's "When They Let Them Bleed," Megan Stielstra's "Channel B," and Steven Harvey's "The Book of Knowledge"--nothing like ending a collection with a gut-punch!

  • Chris oliver - Great Song!

    Awesome song from a great album. You cant go wrong with Phil Collins, the man basically defined the 80s. :)