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  • Lynn - Product SUCKS

    This product SUCKS and the customer service is the worst. I have had mine for 3 years and have made numerous attempts to use it and consistently get an error. My skin is fair and hair is dark so there is absolutely no reason it should not work. When I have called the company the same woman from Canada who sounds like she is from Quebec and she is rude and she refuses to discuss the possibility that my machine is defective. I very rarely write reviews but I hope that no one experiences the frustration I have had with this inferior product.


    The crux of this book is in proposing a way for readers to create a brighter healthier future for themselves. It is written for people who have symptoms of a weak immune system and want to boost their immunity, as well as holistic health care practitioners and doctors. The authors cover chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, AIDS, food allergies, frequent digestive problems, headaches, muscle or joint pains,depression, memory loss,skin rashes, sensitivity to tobacco, perfume, chemical odors and a litany of other conditions which they relate to Candidiasis, an overgrowth of yeast in the body. A self-assessment medical history questionaire in the book is helpful. The authors believe that getting well is more dependent on healthy eating rather than massive doses of medicine or vitamin pills. A Body Ecology Diet plan and meal menus are included as well as tips on both "inner" and "outer" cleansing of the body. There are testimonies from people whose health improved after following the suggestions given in the book. Data is presented in a straight-forward, and clear manner. A plausible alternative.

  • Jennifer - I am sure this shampoo is great most of the time

    I am sure this shampoo is great most of the time. I am just posting to make folks aware that their dog CAN have a reaction. I have a hairless Xoloitzcuintli and Keratolux came highly recommended by several hairless dog owners/breeders. My dog is 8 months old and has hit the teenage acne stage so I bought this to help calm things down. Well less than 6 hrs after using this, my dog developed strange light spots all over his back. I can only presume this was a reaction to the shampoo since nothing else had changed.

  • Karen M Hartman - Such an important book

    A really important book... and so needed! I had already read Zapped and made changes to my environment. I am very sensitive to EMF's and subtle vibrations. I purchased a grounding sheet for my bed . My dachshund who sleeps on that bed during the day seemed indifferent to it, which surprised me. I couldn't feel anything either and I am one who could feel when my Teslar watch wasn't working. The sheet had one connection place that I felt suspicious about so I took it to a friend who fixes such things and he redid that connection. Immediately, the dog began going under the covers to sleep on the sheet. The other dog, who sleeps next to me at night, now works her way over to snuggle with me so that my body grounds her's as well. We are all sleeping better. I also do all my gardening and walk my dogs on unpaved paths, also barefooted. My mood has been better, I feel more joyful.

  • Christopher Linton - Loved this album got it the day it came out

    Loved this album got it the day it came out. Awesome that he could drop no singles and do almost no marketing and still sell good. Proves that the industry needs to step back stop pushing crap with one/two hit tracks and a bunch of filler and let the artist do their job. One of the best albums this year next to Cadillactica and Oxymoron.

  • David P. Smelser - So simple

    This is a great book. It seems so simple but in this modern age we have overlooked the importance of being gounded with mother earth.