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  • B~Kel - Love !!!

    So far so good. I love all natural products. Basically have turned my life around and have went organic. My life and body is thankful for it! Thanks for having such a good product out their for us!

  • Maggie J - Not great.

    My dog hated gel. He's pretty tolerant of most things but he actually flinched when this was applied and experienced some gum sensitivity and mild bleeding afterward. Perhaps he's just allergic to something in it, but I wouldn't recommend this product.

  • Travel'n Lady - great for nail strength & shiny hair - especially noticeable for my nails

    This supplement works well for my hair & nails. Can't say that I've noticed a difference in my skin, but I haven't really been looking for that. For me, it takes a couple of weeks of daily use to notice a difference. When I get lazy and don't take my supplements I do notice that my nails & hair suffer. If I take a break, it takes a while for the benefits of the product to kick in again.

  • Evan Roberts - Love it

    Great product. Shipped quickly, and arrived perfectly. Kava is awesome for relaxing after a long day. I do take slightly more than recommended, however I have encountered no negative side effects.

  • Alli - Skin like glowing silk. Luxury for a bargain!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this coconut scrub by Aria Starr! I've been using similar products for years, but this company has TRULY gotten my notice. I have tried other products from their impressive line of skin care products, and have always been extremely impressed and pleased with the results. This particular scrub will make your skin feel like silk, and have you glowing from head to toe. I would definitely recommend this product, as well as anything else by these guys. They rock! My scrub arrived right on time and was packaged perfectly and securely and tightly sealed. Incredible deal, too! If this helped anyone out there please check yes. Thanks so much.

  • Olde Guy - The New Yorker is the New Yorker

    What more can I say except that the New Yorker is the New Yorker, which speaks of excellence in itself. Having become accustomed to the print version during the many years that I have been a subscriber it takes a little bit of getting used to reading it on a Kindle, being the Olde Guy that I am, but I am coming around to becoming familiar with this "new fangled" kind of media.