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  • Stella Irwin - Outlook

    Outlook for email used to be so easy to use or understand. Now it takes a computer guru which is highly unfair to those of us who are seniors and trying to use products that seem now to be intended for whizzes, not great-grandmothers.

  • L. Kellogg - Nice hold

    Gives a nice hold without adding any weight to the hair. The only thing I don't care for is that it dulls the hair a little after sprayed. May chose to use a shine serum to correct but then that is just another step in getting ready.

  • Sadie64 - so far so good.

    It's only been 2 weeks, but he seems better. My cat is only 7 and seems rather young for this to be happening (my older cats had), but his howling has diminished tremendously, gained a smidge of weight, still crazy hungry, but kind of always was. He has issues. :)

  • Kindle Customer - Great storyteller

    Ms Barnhart knows how to tell a great story , populate it with interesting believable characters, throw in suspense and action; and churn out an unusual heroine. Await the next adventure of Liz Crawford.

  • Buyer - You Will Hate It

    DO NOT BUY. I have been a Quicken customer since about 1990 starting with the DOS version. I had been very satisfied. My last version was Premium 2012 and it worked great. I was looking for the iPhone app, so I could keep up with budgeting. Unfortunately, I did not heed the advice of other 2014 reviews. Now I cannot revert to my previous version. When I first purchased 2014, my Quicken Login screen would scroll or flicker. Ok, I can handle that knowing that Intuit would release a patch and maybe it would get fixed; it continues to do this even at Rev 7. When they released Rev 5, my BOA (Bank of American) stopped updating my checking account only using Quicken's internal "Update" button; my savings and credit card accounts update. I can update going to BOA (Bank of America) and downloading the transactions. I have worked several hours to resolve with Quicken support specialists but no solution has been found. Now they are escalating to the next support level. However, I do not have much faith. I rarely write reviews, but I believe it's necessary to warn people that there are real problems with this product. Quicken should be ashamed to release this version and should offer everyone with 2014 a free upgrade to 2015. Otherwise, I am getting my refund (have 60 days), reinstall 2012, and somehow get my transactions updated. You have been warned. Good luck.

  • Ms. Shona - NZURI Elixir

    i liked the Nzuri Elixir. my hair seemed to be easier to manage when I used this product. The flavor/taste is good, i would mix it with juice in the morning. I am having better results with the Nzuri hair growth tablets so I plan to stick with the tabs.

  • Christian - I bought this bottle hoping for the best & followed the directions

    It works! It took me two bottles, but it works! My check engine light has been on again/off again for the past year. Two separate mechanics diagnosed the problem being the catalytic converter. The price tag to repair was almost worth more than the car itself. I bought this bottle hoping for the best & followed the directions. My check engine light stayed on. I read some reviews and bought another bottle, but this time I changed things up. I waited until my gas tank was much lower than the 1/4 tank requirement...waited for gas light to turn on. Pored the bottle in, then hopped on I-20. Floored the engine over and over - even manually shifted my gears despite it being auto. The light went off - I then filled the tank with 93 Chevron. That was about 2 weeks ago and it still runs great. Worth the two bottles!!