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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Amazon Customer - Just what I wanted

    Just what I wanted, and delivery was unbelievably quick. Faster actually than going directly to Moringa. And, I got JUST the product I wanted, without the sales job of trying to purchase unneeded periphery products.

  • Key West - True Image 2015 Is Crap!

    Bought True Image 2015 and every attempt to install it was futile and although I am an a experienced computer user with advance knowledge, I was never able to solve the problem. All contacts with their tech support and customer service departments were useless. All they did was refer me to their knowledge base and to various articles on their website, none of which addressed my problem. I solved the problem by returning the product. To put it bluntly, their tech department sucks. As far as Acronis is concerned, once the product is sold, they couldn't care less whether it works or not.

  • Booklvr D - Love the Variety

    Love this game it is fun and gives a good workout. When the game suggests that you should stop an activity for the day I would listen to it otherwise you will have muscle fatigue the next day!! :) Love that there are levels of intensity that increase as your fitness level increases. I wish they didnt have your image on the screen its distracting when they put you next to some super fit instructor..i guess that could be motivation.

  • Nickie S - Works nice

    I have some pain in my neck (not just from having a husband) probably from being hunched over a computer at work most of the day and I needed something that would not make me smell like a ben gay factory. So I read about this and based on the ratings I decided to give it a try. I am very glad that I did. These work great and keep me from taking pills to relieve the pain (I really don't want to take a pill for every little ache and pain). This is a good alternative and keeps the tension from building up too much. They work very well for me and I am happy with it and plan to purchase again. I would recommend trying these for those minor pains that just get annoying like sore shoulders, sore knees and so on. Since I will be doing yardwork this weekend, I probably will be very happy that I have these on hand.

  • Susan Dunkel - Simple protocol

    I am using coconut oil and my mother is using sesame oil and have been at it for almost three weeks. Both of us have seen improvement in the appearance of our teeth. They are definitely whiter and both of us experience a clearing of our sinuses as well. However, my mom has been able to get over the "gag reflex" quicker than myself and can do it for a full 20 min each time. I, on the other hand, can barely get in about 5-7 min. I am optimistic that I will see other changes as a result to detoxing, it just might take me longer than the other testimonials in the book. I would recommend the purchase and the attempt to incorporate oil pulling as part of one's daily hygiene.

  • gigi - best diet ever

    I did yoli for a month last September and lost 15 pounds! did it again in January for a week and lost again 10 pounds!!! best diet ever! lost 25 pounds today and did not take the weight back!