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  • Amazon Customer - Great Read!!

    I read this book in a matter of hours as I could stop one I started. I had the privilege of attending day 2 of the Silo opening in October 2015 and can't wait to go back. Thank you Chip and Joanna for your story. Stay true to who you are and don't let reality TV mess it up.

  • K. J. - Doesn't work too well in remote locations

    I bought this antenna to replace the factory antenna. Installation was simple. Just unscrew the old one and install the stubby. Performance however, becomes the issue. I rarely listen to am or fm radio. Generally I listen to my iPod. Around the Denver area the Stubby gets good reception. In the mountains though it stinks. I have a house in the mountains and had both antennas with me and thought I would experiment on which one performed better. The factory antenna was able to pick up one or two am and fm stations while the Stubby failed to pick up anything. The original antenna is back on my Fj Cruiser.

  • itsseweasy - Hard to beat canonical burr grinder!

    The Secura SCG-903B is outstanding. It is relatively quiet compared to other canonical burr grinders. It is quick when grinding. It is exceptionally easy to use. It's quality is equal to any other grinder I have ever used. I leave my grind set on medium, the side dial setting, and 4 cups on the front dial setting. One touch of the on button and it grinds quickly and consistently the same each time. The clear plastic catch is easy to use and clean. My former grinders were more expensive, not as efficient and did not last but a few days past there warranty time. I am very impressed with this Secura and hope it lasts well past its warranty limit.

  • John A. Hewes - Big Change from FTM 16: Not Stable Enough Yet

    I have been an FTM customer since the late 1990's. Each new version brought new innovations and most often these were very useful changes. FTM 2012 is so completely different that it was like having entirely new software when upgrading from FTM 16. The entire format is different and somewhat difficult to get used to. I also feel that the new format makes it more difficult to view families and navigation is a lot more complicated. I find myself referring back to my Rootsweb database when it comes to checking out whole families in a glance. This is difficult to do in FTM 2012. I do like the ability to synchronize my family tree with a family tree on This allows me to update the tree no matter where I might be. I don't have to save the information and add it to my database later when I'm home. I can enter it direct into my tree on Ancestry and then synchronize it with my desktop version of FTM when I get home. Ancestry also has an intuitive search engine that will make suggestions for source information, and will allow you to automatically add the information to your tree (complete with images, which really is pretty cool!) NOW, for the down side. FTM 2012 has crashed often in the few months since I downloaded it. I haven't lost data that I know of, but it has been quite an inconvenience. Also, while synchronizing, I received an error message and from that point on, I was not able to synchronize my tree at all! I've had to reload the tree and synchronize it again as a NEW tree. will only allow you to download your on-line tree as a ged-com, which limits your ability to download your hard work (if you can't synchronize with FTM, a ged-com is your only choice--bad design!)I tried to merge the resultant ged-com with my FTM desktop software, but it crashed after working on it for an hour, and I lost the merge completely. Be sure you ONLY add changes from one direction or the other. DON'T make changes on both sides and try to synchronize. It seems to confuse the software and you may lose your ability to synchronize at all! SO . . . being able to synchronize is a great thing, if it works. Being able to directly add citations and data direct from is also very cool. However, the software is entirely too unstable at this point in time, and the synchronize function has serious design flaws in it. Maybe I should have waited to upgrade?

  • styliish.mommy - Best I've Ever Had

    From day one I've fallen in love with these. I thought they were new since it said so in the description, only way I was able to tell was a few paint chippings. But they are really great even if they are second-hand and every time I use them I always wonder what made the person who previously had them, want to sell them. I use them maybe 1 or 2 a week. I can wash and blow dry my hair and it only takes me 25 mins (where it would usually take 2 hours) to straighten my hair. Its not extra course or thick, but before I would have to straighten it out and then go over it a second time a day later and then again a day later to get the results. But with these, I can set aside 25 mins to straighten my hair and be done with it. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND THESE!

  • Freddie - Have Used It For Years

    The product itself works great as long as you don't need customer service assistance from the company which is absolutely horrible. It's a risk you take. But, if you completely delete any other internet security packages and then install Kaspersky (that includes any previous versions of Kaspersky) you should have no problem. I've found that this product is far superior to other well known brands--the very brands that caused my system to be completely overtaken by viruses even though none registered. That has never happened since I started using Kaspersky three years ago.