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  • Jeffrey Bridges - Couldn't be more satisfied with my purchase

    Firstly let me just say wow. Just wow. Now that I've mortgaged my home again and given my children away, I can finally enjoy my HD-quality restored box set of "The Dukes of Hazzard" with the luxury, quality and *convenience* that this cable gives my life. Don't kid yourself, folks, do you really want to watch HD-quality restored scenes of Daisy Duke jumping around in those shorts on NON-Perfect-Surface Silver Conductors? Do you really want to hear The General's engine tearing off that dirt ramp in Mono-Direction Ethernet Communication? Give me a break. Thanks AudioQuest, you really made all that red ink and lost time with my family worth it.

  • Keith Nicholson - Love this book

    This book is a FAVORITE in our household and has been since my youngest was 1 years old. We had to purchase another one, because the first one we had got wet and the pages were ruined. Fortunately we were able to find it again. My 4 year old still loves to read this book and even reads it to her little sister who is 2. Definitely recommend this to anyone who has little kids.

  • F. Funk - Hallmark Card Studio 2011 Deluxe

    This is a nice "card" maker program. I've had Hallmark card studio software as far back as 2003. This version is more complicated to use than previous versions. There are no "quick" click options such as sizing, moving your design and rotating. You need to remember the short cut key combinations to design your card. I've also noticed that each year's version carries many of the same cards and projects from the previous year's version which is annoying when they make you feel like you're getting so many "new" card designs and you think that's what you're paying the big bucks for. I've stuck with this company but am now disillusioned and will be looking for a different brand. At least I'll be getting new designs and projects!