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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Caz H. - Awesome - does exactly what I wanted it to!

    I like the new version of this software, but I'm a cheapskate and for the average person editing their home movies or even doing something a bit more professionally, then this software it ideal.

  • BitterFlux - No chains for your tires? Try AudioQuest K2s!!!

    The other day I was coming back to Denver over the Vail Pass, and the signs said "chains required" well I didn't have any chains so I lashed my AudioQuest K2 terminated speker cables around all 4 wheels and I'll be damned if the car didn't start levitating, suspended on a nimbus of light.

  • Amazon Customer - I like this product very much and feel it is the ...

    I like this product very much and feel it is the best choice for me.. In the past. I've tried tablets, pump filtration systems, UV light and straw filtration systems. I carry the Grayl when ever I am out hiking and have used it on a number of occasions when I've run out of water. The system is easy to use and I have complete confidence in it. It is especially nice to be able to share freshly filtered water with other members in your hiking party if they should run out as well. Other filter systems have their problems for instance UV filters need batteries that can be influenced by cold weather conditions and not separate out harmful minerals, tablets can either cause the water to taste funny or take a long time to work, and pump systems are just to awkward to handle comfortably.

  • patty hansen - do not bother!

    Did not work after the first day. I had read reviews and saw a few people mention that it would not hold a charge after a day. i went against my better judgement and ordered it. First day worked, second day would not start. I just would save yourself the hassle.

  • Univeral Custom PC's and Electronics - Great splitter to convert non-PoE devices into PoE-compatible ones-

    What can I say? It is a splitter, for cameras that do not have the PoE functionality out of the box. This allows you to run the PoE signal, and terminate it back to power and data, at the end where your connection is (camera, routers, etc). If it uses PoE, you only need an injector. If they do not use PoE, this item converts them into PoE compatible devices. So an Amcrest 1080P PTZ cam, would be able to use this WITH an injector, b/c they are not able to use PoE directly to the port they use for data.