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    City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • christi - Works well and non stick as described, but nothing special.

    Works great but no better than any other foil I've ever bought. The non stick works well so it gets 5 stars for that alone.

  • Amazon Customer - Yum!

    It actually tasted delicious! I was prepared for that "fake sugar" taste that I think most drink mixes have. This was refreshing!

  • John Patriot - Overpriced hogwash, labelled "Hope"

    Used this product after seeing an infomercial and ordering on a late night where I was kept up from severe back pain. The spokesman/creator promised a lot, but after using for a month, I still had the same pain in my lower back.

  • Trebor - Digital fun that never ends

    I hesitantly purchased Rocksmith 2014 after seeing a commercial on television. I'm too old to have ever played the game, but I have to say it is nothing short of a blast. I can't say how much it goes toward helping learn guitar; certainly it doesn't reveal any secrets which can't be divined from the Inter-Web. However, I have taken to jamming thru Rocksmith 2014 all the time because I love the sound profiles and the ability to shift between them instantly at the touch of a button. I managed to learn a few songs with Rocksmith, although I'm not very keen on most of the rock titles offered with the program. I hadn't heard of about 90% of the titles. The studio session is a lot of fun to jam against and experiment.

  • Sue Staples - Mac QuickBooks Rating

    I find Mac QuickBooks very finicky. Sometimes I click on check register and it brings up Sales Tax. It is sometimes very difficult to get into check registers I have to close down often. It has been getting worse and more frustrating. That is my biggest complaint. There are others but I do not have time to get into it right now.

  • Dasnovis - Here's mud in your eye.

    Better than the originals,higher quality composite, just a little shorter. That's okay as they still provide paint chip protection from rocks and are less likely to be damaged off road as they don't hang as low as the OEM. Great price too. Buy new fasteners as you will probably break the originals taking them off. Buy them on Amazon, not from Toyota,much cheaper.