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  • Sergei - lucid and timely

    There's a reason so many of us who lived thru the period covered by Murray's book are uncomfortable with the present state of American culture. Our country has changed, and not for the better. Murray documents and explains in readable style how changes in attitude and behavior have led to the decline in civility we see around us. America is less religious, less industrious, less decent and has tossed out many behaviors and beliefs that once bound us together. A must read wake up call.

  • Nonna Khinich - Black Seed Cold-Pressed Oil

    It arrived very fast and safely. I've been taking it for about three weeks now and noticed that it works well on my joints. I don't fill any stiffness on my fingers in the morning and no pain in joints. Will continue to take it. Thank you.

  • Kenneth N. Potts - Poor Purchase

    Absolute junk. Specifically the on-off button is so cheap that the unit will not shut off without removing the batteries.

  • Bobbie Spahr - 2012 full season baseball cards

    i bought his for my nephew in Ohio and he loves baseball, so this is a perfect gift for someone who likes baseball and is a collector of the cards.

  • Marquay - And go Through The Rough Stages Of It which Drys Out Your Skin At First But If It Gets Too Bad Warm water And Jojoba Oil will He

    The Real Deal Here Honestly but you do Have To Be patient!!! And go Through The Rough Stages Of It which Drys Out Your Skin At First But If It Gets Too Bad Warm water And Jojoba Oil will Help Alot Make Sure You Purchase The Jojoba Oil With It A Very Important Step It Should Be Included With The Regimen

  • S. GOMEZ - Best cookware

    Food does not stick to this cookware,and it is easy to clean. Well worth the price.Love the deep saute pans.