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  • Usually Happy - OK, but overpriced

    The mats are Ok, and fit fairly well. The biggest problem with fit is that they don't cover high enough and the mud and dirt from your shoes get underneath the top of the liners. Aside from that - OK, but over priced. We had to buy another set of front floor mats from a local retailer to place under these liners in order to keep the carpet clean.

  • Laurin - Front wheels shake.

    This is the first Uppababy stroller I've owned, and given that this is the new model, I hope this is an isolated issue, but since there are 2 other Amazon reviews saying the same thing, it clearly needs to be addressed. The front wheels shake and rattle when walking at a normal pace, and only roll properly when the stroller is pushed slowly or on indoor surfaces. It doesn't matter if there is weight at the back of the stroller or not, they still shake. So frustrating. I've contacted Uppababy and was asked to send video, which I have done. I hope to hear back and will update here when I do.

  • Professional Shopper in Florida - Easier than a juicer - but doesn't really do what it claims

    I have a juicer and I juice a few times a week - its messy and it takes forever to clean up. So when I saw the higher powered bullet, I was excited ... in the past 5 years I've gone through 3 Magic Bullets, but I used them often to make sauce and smoothies. One thing it never did was chop ice well. So I've had the Nutribullet 5 days now and its really not much more than a Magic Bullet. It leaks unless I use a rubber jar opener to REALLY tighten it ... of course then it takes some serious muscle to UNtighten it. I could not tighten it enough with the jar opener to get it to stop leaking otherwise! It tells you throw everything in - especially grape seeds and the like (not Apple seeds tho)- that's a load of crap. The smoothies I've made so far, I've had to chop up the stuff and it was NOTHING hard - blueberries, pears, apples, grapes, bananas, almond butter and/or kale ... some combination of those ingredients. I don't know what they consider "pulverize" but I am chewing kale, and pulling grape seeds out of my teeth after 30-45 seconds and then throwing it back on for another 15. So far, no different than the Magic Bullet as far as I see it. And the recipes they give you? You can't fit HALF that fruit in the large container and not go over the "Max Fill" line. They say the size of fruit varies, so pay attention to the fill line. I buy organic which is typically smaller than non-organic produce - they don't want you to know you can really only use half an apple and half a banana, etc. One sliced medium banana is at least 1/3 of the large cup. But they have recipes to include 4 more fruits? Please ... I am starting to think if you want a vitamixer, just buy a vitamixer :) I haven't tried a carrot yet, but I can't imagine if it can't break down kale how its going to break down a carrot. If I want to chew my food I can use a food processor. So I don't see how this can be nearly as nutrient rich as juicing since you get SO much more in a glass of juice than you can fit in the tiny space of the "Max Fill" line of even the large Nutribullet cup.