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  • Nathan - Liquid gold

    Liquid gold. Really. Our little guy seems to be fine with 1-2 doses every couple weeks. Concentrated prune juice worked, but only if we gave it twice a day and kept at it constantly. We tried this and it worked fast, literally less than a day. He hates the taste, but otherwise we love this stuff.

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    Before buying this book, I was doing seemingly all I could to find a new job, yet nothing was happening. No interviews were being scheduled...not even responses saying that someone more qualified was hired. I felt like I was in the career twilight zone where my efforts were not only futile, but frustrating.

  • MysteryAuthor - Best Features Yet

    I have moderate hearing loss in one ear, and as of the first wearing, I like this hearing aid much better than the other three I've wasted my money on. It amplifies the TV very well (which is what I bought it for), and unlike the others, the volume control has numbered levels that click into place. The unit is rechargeable, fits comfortably over and inside the ear, is invisible under my hair, is not likely to fall off and get lost, and the price is right. My first attempt at a hearing aid cost $300, used those awful little batteries, and was too much trouble to use. The second cost $15, was rechargeable with adequate sound, but large, and I had to hold it against my ear to hear anything. The third was $150, rechargeable, had good sound, and fit comfortably inside the ear, but it was so tiny that the first time I wore it away from home it fell out and got lost. I'm not about to spend $1500 or more on a hearing aid, and while the MSA30X filtering quality is probably not the best, for the price I believe it is a good deal. I only order gadgets like this from Amazon, since in my experience the customer service with TV offers is a nightmare. Furthermore, only Amazon lets you update and improve your reviews. These people are geniuses.

  • Mary Struble - This book is amazing!! It covers every area of prereqs and ...

    Wow! This book is amazing!! It covers every area of prereqs and reqs needed for the nursing field. I am an LPN hoping to get into the RN program. However the Hesi test must be taken and passed before entering the program. The different content sections covered every aspect of nursing program. The practice tests were challenging and well written. The reading level was definitely of one that a little background in English, grammar, mathematics and science. I thought it is very well formatted and very in depth. So much so, that i had to go back and restudy from my nursing journals. Well written and a must have for the nursing entrance exam.

  • RARowland, Cincinnati reviewer - SCARY!!

    Yep. Scary. Not as in "Boooo". Rather as in "Frightening that this story line could have really been played out in real life"!

  • Katherine Izquierdo - Excelente

    El paquete llego en el tiempo indicado, y en perfectas condiciones, el producto es de calidad. Recomiendo a este vendedor!.