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  • Mike Audas - I hate to say this about an American company but the ...

    I hate to say this about an American company but the floor mats did not fit very good at all. I had a set for my 2006 BMW X5 and they were awesome but something has changed. I would not suggest these for at least a 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab. Flimsy, move all over the place in the rear and will cause a tripping hazard if not paying attention. The front set fit OK but are not as heavy duty as my original set for the Bimmer.

  • Lindsisradd - Love it!

    I LOVE this bag. It's exactly what I was looking. It's big enough to hold my coffee cup, water bottle, a tablet, a notebook and the array of random things that I take with me to work every day. There is plenty of room to spare, as a matter of fact. My Kleen-Kanten and Contigo mug fit into each of the side pockets. The bottles are taller than the pocket, but they seem to stay in place just fine. I was even able to fit about 10 pens into the two pen holders (although I have no idea why I need or even have ten pens). I have only had the bag for two days but I can say that the material feels very durable. The velcro and the buckles that allow the bag to close are excellent.

  • CajunMoon - Loooveee it....

    My 10 year old daughter and I have been rocking this CD everyday since receiving it. All the songs we like and best of all they are kid friendly. It's a nice mixture of several genres.

  • MW149 - Very Nice! High quality

    Very Nice! High quality, practicle and versitile. I use it daily and have really enjoyed it so far. Well done Timbuk2!!

  • carmen Baker - Perfect

    This is an awesome grille!! Really improves the look of my jeep! Easy to install. Would def recommend!!

  • cali-girl - easy, light, compact

    So here is the setup we had when we took this to Europe, Paris France to be exact (survived the cobblestones, YEAH!! biggest worry). Compact fold down made stowing the stroller manageable in the small European living quarters. Light enough that the mountains of stairways were not a huge problem on our vacation (with 2 adults carrying the stroller, bumping it up and down the stairs was a little hazardous). Our 9 month old was very comfortable in it, no problem falling asleep but to make her a little more comfortable, I "popped" the foot rest portion up by pushing underneath the material (it actually stays in place probably because her leg did not extend all the way down yet) to give her a more 'flat' surface to ly on. The zip pocket is big enough for her stroller blanket and a small toy or two. We splurged on the Rosk pouch carrier (another LOVE item) and kept the blanket nice and clean, Placed two of the king mighty stroller hooks(fits perfectly right at the base of the handle) to hold our diaper bag and shopping bags. The rain cover was a must for us, not just for the rain but it blocked a lot of the wind and coldness. We were able to fold up the stroller WITH the rain cover still attached to the canopy portion. Oh and the canopy, LOVE!! sturdy, big and the 'window' allowed me to catch her falling asleep a few times so I could quickly adjust the seating. The biggest bonus was we were actually able to bring this INTO (yes, INSIDE) some of the restaurants/cafes when she was napping. We had heard many stories about this being such a big NO NO over there. (we did try to choose bigger establishments that COULD accomodate us and crossed our fingers to see if they WOULD) We were NEVER refused the few times we had to do this with her napping in the stroller, they were so accomodating, nice and sympathetic!!

  • C. Green - yes and no..

    I'm not entirely sure just how much these products protect hair from hot iron damage. My daughter and I both use this product. She straightens her hair 2-4 times a week. I straighten mine maybe once every two months. My hair is very soft and silky and using this product definitely helps with that... I definitely notice a difference, but with my daughter's hair, it seems merely a detangler that smells amazing. I'm sure it may help a little, but not enough protection from heat.