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  • Citris1 - A pretty face but it will let you down.

    This software came with a portable Toshiba hard drive. The interface looks pretty, like it is serious software. So I trusted the thing to backup my precious files, not checking to see if it worked. When the hard drive on my computer crashed I thought all would be OK, just use EZ to restore. BUT IT DIDN'T WORK! There should be a special place in hell for people who write programs like this.

  • SupCap - Dull, nothing new or of any particular note.

    Unless you were out of the country or in a coma during the 2012 presidential election you will find very little interesting about this book. It basically skips over some of the lessor republican candidates and just regurgitates the news headlines from the 2012 season. Very few behind the scenes or interesting off the record commentary. This is all done very safe and formulaic so that no one is offended and no bridges were burned for the next season's access. Honestly the only things that I learned at all were some conversations with Chris Christy about his decision not to run. All in all this was a big let down, the positive reviews here really confuse me, are people that easily impressed? If your expecting something along the lines of "Game Change" you're going to be in for a disappointment. Unless you have amnesia skip this book!

  • Joshua Fitch - 15 or so years later a pokedream comes true a second time!

    I was upset that I missed this promotion and had been kicking myself until now. When I placed my order with PBTam, choosing them for their reviews on this listing, I figured either I'd end up with my first mew since Gen 1's Toys R Us events or a 15 dollar lesson. Luckily for me it was the former and I am absolutely thrilled to have this in my pokedex/bank/party. Within a few hours of ordering, I received an email containing the code and a screenshot of the card itself. If you have any reservations, it's understandable, but my suggestion is to order from PBTam.