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  • shade - I was still highly satisfied with this screen protector

    Despite the packaging being cracked , I was still highly satisfied with this screen protector. It's strong and very protective. Also if you're not good at lining things up on the first try you'll be able to peel off and line again. There's like a 2 minute period before it completely sets. There were no air bubbles or streaks . I cannot even tell that there's a protector on my screen . Minus one star for the cracked packaging.

  • Joseph - Product would not reinstall

    My grandmother's computer had to be restored to a previous save point, and after that I could not get this program working or reinstalled. FTM customer service was useless. Ended up being very buggy and my grandmother now cannot use it. It turned out to be a waste of my money and a disappointment to my grandmother.

  • smokey - Horrible on shipping and items broken. Appears cheap

    I read many reviews that these were fake , but I thought since they were on sale I'd go ahead and order a few because though they were said to not be TRUE Yeti;reviews said they did keep drinks cold. I wanted some to take on our riding trips. However I have yet to get half my order and what I did get is Broken. I am Considering trying to return if it can be done.

  • Jaclyn - Durable and Good Sized

    Like most High Sierra backpacks, this one was very durable and had nice padding. I used it to hike and camp with when I did not need a huge backpack. Overall, it is a good size and would work perfectly for any student. If you are going out in the elements, I would recommend waterproofing it.

  • Rebecca Allen - It's a piece of crap, received it for Christmas this year 2014

    It's a piece of crap, received it for Christmas this year 2014. It says it works on iPads but only on the older models don't buy this product. Trying to return it since it won't work with my iPad and they want 15% to restock and they want me to pay for shipping. I am out 46.00 plus freight.