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  • David Potter - Very fun, needs a little improvement.

    This is a simulator which should be indicative from the title. I find fault with this game in that most of the fun equipment and activities comes from mods which are available for download on the internet. Most are free. The games just needs expansion on the types of plants you can grow, include improved yields with crop rotation and pest control to improve upon difficulty, more business aspects, more ranching activities, add a farmers garden and ability to sell at farmers market or to town restaurants. Basically, if the developers would just blend this simulator style with the massive amount of activities available in the Harvest Moon series (leave out the childlike romance)...they would broaden their base and create a much better game.

  • DeRome - Good Chlorine

    These Chlorine Tablets really do a good job. They are not the cheapie ones you buy at Walmart . They last longer and do a better job for a price that you can't beat. Thank You In the Swim and Thank you Amazon.

  • Airake - Don't bother

    Unfortunately, EA Games wasn't prepared to launch this game but they decided to anyhow. I've tried now and I'm not even able to start a city. From the first look at things they've taken away a lot of the fun things of the past - the ability to transform the landscape, the various densities of zoning, the ability to make large cities. The cities themselves make no sense and you'll find very small cities with 4, 5, and 10 story buildings when their population wouldn't support that. Everything looks car-centric and transit has taken a back burner. In all honesty, unless this game is fixed with some major changes I probably won't even play when EA fixes their servers because it looks so boring and is so regimented. It's taking all of the creativity out of the game.

  • esperantohundo - compact

    A good dictionary for its size. What is especially nice is that it often points out whether a verb is considered transitive or intransitive.

  • Depot022 - Game broken

    DRM ruined this game. Can't play this game offline when you're not connected to the internet or when the server is down.

  • JoannaKP - sound is good or rather WAS

    I've been using them during the gym workout for a month already. They hardly stay in place - ear hook is terribly floppy. Quality of the sound is good. Forget about phone calls - it seems to be a common bluetooth earbuds issue. The person I speak with cannot hear me at all. They charge pretty fast. Connect to any device without any problems.