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  • Reynolds - Needed a re-write.

    I don't agree w these other reviews, this book was a huge disappointment after the previous two gems. The other two books had good pacing, a good ending to both of them, funny characters, (the crab, the mole) a morale to the stories. This book had none of that.

  • El Phillips - Good buy for the price.

    I'm a recreational rider. Road raced in my teens and rode with a touring club for several years in later life. Have completed a couple dozen century rides years ago. Wanted a decent bike for one to two hour rides around my area. Diamondback is a well known name with a good reputation. The Podium 4 looked like a good mid-priced road bike. Mine arrived last week in excellent condition with all the correct gear on it. Assembly is 90% complete out of the box. After completing assembly I had to adjust the front derailleur, otherwise she was ready to roll. The bike appears to be well designed and manufactured. It rides and handles well. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality road bike in this price range.

  • Rita Field - Great read

    I love stuff like this so I might be biased, but it is a really fun quick read. I enjoyed reading this book and I felt smarter when I finished it, so really I count that as a win. If the book is still free, I really would recommend downloading it!

  • G. Hudson - Great little media server / HTPC

    I purchased this little box to use as a home file/media server and home theater PC. It is nice and compact and doesn't use much power, so I don't feel guilty about leaving it running 24/7. It performs all it's intended tasks very well. I am able to stream 1080p content without issue. It has a low voltage CPU, so If you want a gaming rig or Steam Box, look elsewhere.