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  • Review Reviewer - Can you endure starvation?

    The product tastes good. Not really any different than other protein drinks I have consumed. It mixes easy with ice, H20 in a blender for a thick shake consistency. As for a diet. Yes, you do starve on the two cleanse days. I really see no purpose for cleanse days because our liver and kidneys already do a great job for detoxifying our bodies. Expensive compared to using a whey protein mix from Costco mixed with Orgain drink product which is organic too..which I now use after my personal research.

  • Mark - Seems flimsy

    It will probably do in a pinch - seems lite weight and now I worry about whether the Chinese really use stainless steel or some metals that cause Americans to get fat, borrow money from Chinese bankers etc

  • Good Manner - Perfect for pole dancing if you have clammy hands

    I have the most clammy hands. When I spin, I slide a little downward... My grip doing inverts and climbs become loose because I sweat so much. My body doesn't really sweat but my hands... I can spray water with my hands.

  • Angela K. - Healed Ulcerative Colitis

    This book worked for me. I've had ulcerative colitis for 12 years. Since being diagnosed I've taken nine pills a day of asacol. I've tried various diets, including vegan and gluten free. Anytime I tried to slowly wean off the medication my symptoms came back. I followed the protocol in this book for six months (skipping the intro diet and going right to the full diet). With my doctors blessing I was able to very slowly wean off my medication. I do mean slowly! For example, alternating nine pills per day with eight for a week, following with eight pills a day for another week, etc. During this transition I did not experience any relapse of UC. One year later I am still prescription drug free. For those six months I followed the diet with 100% compliance... No cheats! I didn't stick with it after those six months and recently I've decided to do it again because I felt great on it (after the first two weeks of getting used to it. I was hungry and tired at first). I miss the energy and clear head I had while eating this way and probably gave t up to quickly to completely heal. If you decide to try it then I encourage you to read the book first and browse the internet for blogs with tons of tricks and tips to help with meal planning and for support.

  • CJ1083 - BRING ON SEASON 2!

    Found this completely by accident when the cable wasn't working and it was GREAT! We ended up binge watching the entire season in one day - which was great and also a little depressing since there's no definite word if there'll be a Season 2 - but I really hope so, it was the best show we've seen in a long time! All of the actors/characters were great, even the ones I hated - I was supposed to hate them, so it was great! If you haven't watched yet, be prepared for a complete OH MY GOD moment at the end of episode 2 - totally caught me off guard. I did read a couple complaints about how the show/season ended - but I disagree. If you watch the whole season, the ending actually made perfect sense and didn't leave me with any questions at all. Watch it, you'll love it!