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  • Basil - Guinness World records 2013 et al. Kindle.

    Obviously, unlike the hardcover or paperback, one does not flit through pages aimlessly, but rather has some idea as to what you want to see, although one can randomly jump around. The amount of information available is vast, and one must be disciplined in searching for items required.The beauty is that the information is available for ever even if outdated. It is one of those keep for ever books.

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    I have gone through four of these bottles in the last three years. My family really like this product to immediately stop allergy attacks. It has high quality ingredients and they are just very effective. I will order again as needed.


    This has to be the worst program ever created. Never have I seen anything run so slow. Every task that is run not only takes a obscene amount of time (eg. running a full system scan takes an hour+, a quick scan takes 10-15 minutes and then sits at 98% for an additional 30 minutes. I finally have to reboot my computer because when it seems nothing is happening hitting cancel does nothing either). I keep getting a prompt from Windows saying I have no active security system even though McAfee says it is on. Once I tried to reinstall the program when this happened and you have to go thru the miserable McAfee customer service (good luck - give yourself at least 3+ hours) only to find out that they have to reinstall from there. They must take over your computer to do so ;-)! This IS NOT NORTON where you simply reinstall from the key you have. Everything about this program is miserable. So fed up, I bought Norton again after using McAfee for only (2) months. Awful, awful program. Everything on Norton takes a sew seconds to no more than < 5 minutes. Finally, every task you run on McAfee slows down your computer to a grinding halt. I was a FOOL to try something new.