Healthcare organisation expanding across Middle East, India & Philippines - Looking for primary or secondary international healthcare facility or home care solutions in GCC, Sharjah, Kuwait, Dubai and UAE? Visit us at Aster DM Healthcare. - Looking for primary or secondary international healthcare facility or home care solutions in GCC, Sharjah, Kuwait, Nigeria, Dubai and UAE? Visit us at Aster DM Healthcare.

  • Overview | Aster DM Healthcare - A continuous pursuit for technological improvements with highly skilled professionals, allow the Group to set benchmarks in the healthcare industry.
  • Chairman's Message | Aster DM Healthcare - Our Vision is to become a global player delivering high quality healthcare through a team of dedicated healthcare professionals. Visit us to know more.
  • Vision Values and Mission | Aster DM Healthcare - At, our goal is to provide you high quality family health care and home care solutions. For more visit us or call us at +971 4 4546001
  • Quality Policy | Aster DM Healthcare - At Aster DM Healthcare, we subscribe to the view that quality is the outcome of all activities that take place within the organization. Visit to know more.
  • Whistleblower Policy | Aster DM Healthcare - The Aster DM Healthcare Limited (“Aster DM”) believes in the conduct of the affairs of its constituents in a fair and transparent manner by adopting highest standards of professionalism, honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour.
  • Code of Conduct | Aster DM Healthcare - The members of the Board of Directors of Aster DM Healthcare Limited acknowledge and accept the scope and extent of their duties as Directors. They have a responsibility to carry out their duties in an honest and businesslike manner
  • Global Network | Aster DM Healthcare - Aster DM Healthcare has since grown exponentially to become one of the leading healthcare conglomerates of the Middle East and India in a quarter century
  • Careers | Aster DM Healthcare - Aster DM Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare group and growth of this group has been its Human Resources associated with the group in its journey of success.
  • Latest News | Aster DM Healthcare - Aster DM Apprentice’ is a unique program launched in association with the Arab Health Congress and Exhibition 2015 by Aster DM Healthcare.
  • Videos | Aster DM Healthcare - Being a doctor, I like to see everyone healthy, this is why more than my role as a healer, I take this opportunity to encourage healthy ways of living.
  • CSR Activities | Aster DM Healthcare - The organization provides financial support to several NGOs and individuals and is also involved in activities like Village Adoption programs for local empowerment.
  • Contact Us | Aster DM Healthcare - We have been in the forefront of delivering healthcare in the GCC and India, through the largest network of establishments for 27 years. Visit us to know more.
  • ASTER MOBILE APPLICATION | Aster DM Healthcare - The Aster DM Mobile App offers an array of utilities for patients to fulfill their medical and healthcare requirements. Download the Aster Mobile app frpom your app store: OR Scan the following QR Code to be automatically redirected to your relevant app store: It’s easy to scan a QR code; simply follow the steps below: …

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  • stktrader - Complaints not valid

    I bought Enhanced 2014 here last week for 174.00. I called today to set it up. I have used enhanced for several years since its inception. 3 employees version. Now I have 4 employees so the new system is less expensive than upgrading to unlimited older version. When you call in to set it up,assuming that you have a previous version of enhanced 2013, the attendant will delete the 2013 version and setup the 2014. You have to give a credit card to pay for employee checks beyond the 1st employee as the 1st is free. $2/employee per month plus sales tax. That is why they need your credit card to process that charge. Have the attendant remove you from the annual renewal purchase plan since you most likely buy it here or elsewhere. The overall plan for this year will cost me 266.00 for 4 employees. That is the cost of the program and the cost of 4 employees including all taxes. That is 5.12 per week or 1.28 per week for each employee check. That is very cheap considering all the monthly, quarterly and annual forms are filled out for you with a click of the mouse plus the payroll checks! Now i could save and do it like I used to; manually by hand. lol

  • PAUL C GLINSKI - Lasser Review

    I feel that Lasser is the most comprehensive book that I have ever used. I have been using Lasser for at least 10 years (probably more). I am an enrolled agent who is employed by H&R Block. I have come to totally rely on Lasser.

  • savvymomnyc - Do Something that Matters

    In a time where there seems to be so much hostility, Luvvie tells it like it is and brings humor to life when we need it the most.

  • Amazon Customer - I love you #Raid🐜

    I received my #FreeSample from #PINCHme. I know my neighbor's in the apartments I'm in ,had them a few months ago. The traps are self contained and clean.Yay to my relief and reassurance from a brand I trust #Raid no bedbugs!

  • MEDUSZA666 - RhinoShield is a great brand that is known for creating products that can ...

    RhinoShield is a great brand that is known for creating products that can take a beating when protecting your mobile devices. I purchased this for my iPhone 7 plus because I wanted something that offered more protection from shattering my screen than a tempered glass screen protector that is more or less just putting another piece of glass over your phone's glass screen which can be shattered or chipped also if dropped. The plastic screen protector looks great when applied correctly and the screen protector does not interfere with the phone's viewing clarity. My only issue with this product so far is that installation was a little difficult and requires some patience/precision, specifically aligning the camera cutout on your phone because if not done perfectly it can create a noticeable glare on your front facing camera created from wherever the screen protector overlaps the camera's lens. But unlike other screen protectors reapplication is doable and it can be done multiple times without damaging the screen protector or the adhesiveness of it until you get the cutouts to align perfectly, such as in my case when installing it on my phone. Overall, I am really satisfied with this product and I am confident it can hold it's own against drops and provide the best protection for my iPhone's glass screen.

  • G. P. - I hoped to get a working one but...

    I found the reviews of this product were bipolar: either they love it or the product is not properly working after first use. I was hoping my purchase to fall into the former, but unfortunately, it did the latter. I am returning this product. Too bad.

  • CoryM - Saved My Life

    Before the financial collapse I was doing pretty well as a trader at a now-defunct investment bank. Cut to 2011 and I'm unemployed, divorced, living in government subsidized housing, my kids won't see me, I've got a horrendous rash in my left armpit, and I'm missing three toes due to frostbite from a winter spent living in the trunk of a Chevy Cobalt. Until I read this book, my diet consisted of cold Chef Boyardee ravioli that I opened with my bare hands. Now, I nuke it for 30 seconds and it's slightly warm. There's a constant pain in my side. Jesus, I don't have health insurance.