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  • Montesano Lady - Hallmark 2015 Deluxe -- Not Very

    There was no problem with installation of the software and the patch from Hallmark did download okay; however, I returned this to Amazon after finding that there were gaps in the pre-installed greetings in many of the cards I tried. Another fault was with text formatting. When attempting to change the colors of text, I found that only the text outlines colors could be changed, not the inside colors... also whenever making text bold, the text expanded so much that the result was a large blob on the page. I have had two previous versions of Hallmark Card Studio, and found that the 2015 version didn't have that many new cards versus the older ones. I don't recommend the 2015 Deluxe version.

  • tom451 - Touch display too hard to use, battery stuck, etc

    It makes interesting sounds when functions on and off, but I have found the K2 unusable. From the start, I had trouble with the touch alarm button being so small compared to my ability to see it and touch it precisely in the morning. Why they didn't make the whole touch area sensitive to Turning off the alarm is a question. Why would you want to pair BT when the alarm is going off in the morning, for example. Snooze has its own touch bar. The display became dimmer over a year period compared to a second one I bought as a gift. The battery was an unnecessary extra for me, but it won't eject from the unit, anyway. The powered ejection failed early. Use the pinhole battery eject on the bottom of the unit with a paperclip. I used to charge my phone using the unit. But really, the power strip has USB plugs, so now I just use my phone to wake me up while it is plugged in and charging. The android clock on my phone has larger areas to touch and the app's display points to where to touch with a video. No problem even for blurry eyes and no glasses. Should have returned them to Costco. Now I will donate them. Maybe a child will use it to play music. I keep a phone charger in my backpack that contains 4 AA cells. All convenience stores in Japan sell these cheap.

  • Miss Jena - Lovely in a bath, great for cleaning

    I've had the opportunity to test out several products from New York Biology in return for my honest review and I'm in love.

  • W. Laughlin - Works Great...Read the User Guide

    Acronis True Image is an excellent product for data protection. Prior to selecting any software for backing up my data, I did my own research.

  • Wayne - Quicken continues to add bugs

    If you're like me, you're purchasing Quicken because you used it in the past, and have so many transactions that you're pretty much stuck with it. I don't even know why you're reading this, you've got no choice but to buy it. I gave it one star, but I still bought it. When you do, here's what you're in for.