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  • supercar01 - awesome!

    The game is great! The graphics are better than deer hunter reloaded. The game play is great. If there was one single thing they could have added in order to make it EVEN better, would be stampede mode

  • The Mouse House - I do think it works!

    I hate to say it but I do think this works for hair growth. I am a skeptic when it comes to this stuff but I think my hair grew faster after starting this. I didn't actually measure and I am NOT being given a discounted price for this review. I just had to admit I like it and would recommend it. It's a little expensive but if you are looking for something that helps, even just a little, with hair growth...give this a try.

  • Don Evans - Much improved

    I have used Quicken and QuickBooks for many years, always with a wish that they would improve this or that. Well, the 2010 version has it all! Rapid downloads from numerous financial institutions, well sorted out reports, easy manipulation. The only thing I could ask is that they allow users to manage the order of columns and the ability to get rid of some and add others. In all, a very good product.

  • Scottso - Excellent quality case

    You will never go wrong with UAG products. This one is stylish, impossible to find in bricks and mortar stores but you can get it here, and for cheaper. Fits the 6S Plus like a glove and feels good to hold in the hand. Great selection of colors, including generally colors that stores don't carry.

  • Cindy C - Worth the price!

    This is the only toner I've ever used that not only provides a terrific lift any time of day, but actually reduces acne. The whole Suki line is terrific, and cruelty-free. I switched from Origins, which I thought was the best. I will cut back on groceries before I stop using Suki products.

  • Lina Marcela Rojas - It's a good product, I like that you can add as ...

    It's a good product, I like that you can add as much as you like, so it's really up to you to control how sweet you want it, compared to how sweet the already mixed ones are. They kind of go quick though.