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  • Why Hospital Beds Should Have Warning Signs - Research has demonstrated beds in hospital harbor bacteria and are not always cleaned correctly, increasing your risk of a hospital-acquired infection.
  • Soylent Proudly Uses GMO Foods - Start-up company Soylent proudly uses as many GMO foods as possible, increasing your toxic load and ignoring independent research demonstrating health effects.
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  • Hurricane Floodwaters Cause CAFO Waste Lagoons to Overflow - Floodwaters from Hurricane Matthew magnify the risks posed by concentrated animal feeding operations in North Carolina.
  • Dairy Industry: Crying Over Spilled Milk - A swiftly growing industrial dairy industry in the U.S. has dumped 43 million gallons of milk due to a massive milk glut.
  • Growing, Preparing and Storing Your Leafy Greens - One of the easiest and most nutritious veggies to start with: Leafy greens, from Swiss chard to arugula to frilly red leaf lettuce.
  • Hawthorn Berry: A Long History of Heart Healing - Modern research shows hawthorn berry significantly enhances circulation to the heart and brain and improves irregular heartbeat and cardiac arrhythmia.

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  • C. Jones - Really cleans floors easily!!!

    I got tired of the dirty edges along my walls from using the wet jet mop and pads. I was just moving dirt around and not really picking a bunch up. Turns out I wasn't using the right tool for the job! I had to empty the water bucket a lot the first time I used this.... but now the difference in my floors is AMAZING! No more dirty floor edges to spray and clean up with a paper towel... (ewww!) Now I use this mop, a bucket of water and swish around, scrubbing the edges and the whole floor is clean. It picks up all the dirt, when the water gets dirty, change it out and the job gets easier and easier as you use the mop! Now one bucket of water cleans the whole floor once a week... I have 3 inside dogs and 2 cats.... I even ordered a spare one so I could throw one in the washer while I use the other to never miss a time I want to clean the floors.

  • Jay H. - LOVE this Unit & it's QUIET!

    I can't imagine going back to a big water tank and running out of hot water on a daily basis. The Navien NPE-240A is QUIET, efficient, and cost less than $3,000 to have installed by a certified installer in my area! King County, WA (Average quotes = $3,000 - $5,000) I did my research multiple times before making the BIG plunge & having the Navien NPE-240A Natural Gas unit installed 2-months ago. (The newest-latest series) During my research, i found so much bad press reviews ... noisy or un-reliable problems. I even had a bid-quote from a Rinnai tankless installer bad-mouth the Navien tankless units. So i decided to only invite quotes from installers of multiple different tankless brands. What a difference! NO bad-mouth comments against Navien. I have had the EXTERNAL RINNAI R85 unit on my home for the past 7 yrs and LOVED it. Down side - had to wait 1-2 minutes for hot water to reach the core of the home where all the water usage happens. During the laundry/bathroom remodel project, we decided to see if we could move the hot water unit back to the core of the home and eliminate all the cold water waste time. INTERNAL Rinnai's have proprietary venting pipe, making them more expensive to install. INTERNAL Navien units use plastic venting pipe, making them more affordable. Tankless units have come a LONG WAYS in the past 8 years.

  • leilakay - Read Before You Buy...

    No stars for any of their products! I purchased the berry greens and had a severe reaction. Hives the whole nine yards I contacted the distributer and they said there is nothing in the product you could be allergic to... My friend was the distributer & knew I have severe allergies. They are not trained at all & have no clue as to what is in the product. Poor training poor quality products!!!

  • Evelyne LeTennier - Do not buy this product

    Like many other posts, this product is peeling.junk.after this winter it is peeling ans bubbling up. Now I have to redo my whole deck

  • hjon203 - Too sweet for the kids

    Why do they make a vitamin supply so sweet with glucose syrup, which is basically artificial high fructose corn syrup that body can't naturally absorb?