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  • Joe Thompson - Complete Disappointment

    I downloaded the Quicken 2014 tonight and every time I start it I get a error message that causes the program to close.

  • Timothy I Norton - Motorcycle Engines love it

    I am not somebody that subscribes to 'Miracle in a Can', I have started this season knowing I was going to have to rip the carburetors out of my 2000 Yamaha Vstar 650 motorcycle because my bike had a hard time starting even with the choke. I have been running it carefully, but these cold start ups were driving me batty. Dreading the day I was going to have to disassemble my bike a family friend of mine let me onto Sea Foam. For a month I ignored his advise until I was ordering on amazon and saw the low price and thought "Why Not?". I was a fool for not ordering it sooner.

  • K. Roberts - Great Resource

    This was a great resource in planning the details of my trip in October. There is a lot of helpful information on where to order tickets for tourist attractions including website to pre-order. Also included was the location of restrooms at popular tourist attractions, which in Europe can be hard to find.

  • Honeywest - Good eye gel

    While i thought this was a very good eye gel I think it might be better for consumers who are younger. I found, for me, personally i need a cream, that is much more moisturizing. I am in my mid 50's. and do experience dryness, and light to medium lines under my eyes. Unfortunately, I did not notice the darkness under my eyes get lighter that could be because i did not give it enough time as i had to go back to a cream with more moisture.