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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Michael - Utterly worthless to me after 4 months,,,

    I waited 4 months before posting my results concerning this earthing "theory" just to be fair and give it a chance...

  • violet vushcan - I returned it with the shampoo and conditioner, however ...

    I returned it with the shampoo and conditioner, however I did not get the refund. these products do not work

  • John harrison - Waste of

    This pan worked the first three times I used it after which everything sticks to it. It went into the trash!!! Waste of money

  • J. Vaughn - Works faster than A&D ointment or Desitin

    We use this paste on both of our little ones, and it works every time. I grew up with a tub of A&D ointment or a tube of Desitin. Both are great products, but this paste works faster in my experience than either of those other two. My wife and I recommend this to our friends that are having kids as well.

  • badger42 - Home Designer Suite

    I am a hobbyist, and this program is great for people like me. I was able to pull it right out of the packaging and begin creating a floorplan. It was a bit tricky trying to get the exact dimensions I wanted, but it wasn't too hard to figure out. The web-based support was actually pretty helpful for all of the small issues I had starting up.

  • Patrick McClanahan - This stroller took a chunk out of my arm and fails in every respect!

    This stroller took a chunk out of my arm! I now have a 1 inch scar on my arm from where the stroller frame pinched a section of flesh from my forearm when I was trying to get it snapped into place and unfolded out of my car. Nothing like trying to wrangle your baby out of the car and into a stroller when you're bleeding and injured in a parking lot. Good times! Additionally- This stroller looks "agile" but the wide wheel base on the front wheel actually causes this stroller to jam and not turn easily/ randomly lock up on smooth flat sidewalks. There is also a arched piece of metal that makes up part of the frame that supports the black storage bag underneath and the arch comes up so high that trying to even wedge in a small purse underneath is hard to do- (forget trying to get your diaper bag underneath). This stroller does have a zipping storage bag that hangs under the handle bar, but it is only held in by a narrow band of velcro and not only would it not support much weight, but you wouldn't want to risk putting anything close to a diaper bag weight inside- it would risk tipping or the velcro bag falling off. The handle for this stroller also is small and curved in a way that makes it painful to ever push this with one hand; it hurts your wrists. I have an 8 month old baby and I also felt bad for him in this stroller; the genius who designed it doesn't seem to care about the baby's comfort; there's a black hard plastic piece on their seat back that holds the shoulder harness in place and it hits the baby right in the shoulder blade area- it has a black fabric cover that hides it from view but the fabric is thin and the plastic is hard and uncomfortable- I have no idea why they don't have a padded back on the seat- it's a terrible design. I've never seen another stroller with a hard plastic square that hits the baby's back like this one has. We didn't know about it as we ordered it here on amazon and couldn't feel the seat beforehand. I have no idea why this stroller has so many good reviews! After this experience we went to brick and mortar shops to see what the strollers were like first.

  • SwissLiss - Easy to use.

    Just what I needed to replace my fridge filter. Comes in a small box, this is easy to install and use. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an inexpensive solution to a faulty fridge filter.