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  • Larry Wahler - Not a Dummie Now!

    What a great cost for a great product! Many things that were confusing are now, no Problem! Thanks for selling this at a price some of us can actually afford!

  • Gaylen Tharp - Cumbersome and more time-consuming to use than HR Block or ...

    Cumbersome and more time-consuming to use than HR Block or Turbo Tax. Plus, I am unable to file electronically with this product because it is not capable of doing the forms for a partial rental of a property. While this need is not common, all other tax programs advertised for the "deluxe" version level I've used have been able to do this with no problem.

  • The Lady Orlando - Wanted to love it

    I thought it would give me a bit of radiance as grape/olive/organic products usually do, but it seems to make me a bit cloudy looking which is weird - and it cost a lot! I much prefer La Roche Posay rosiliac serum for people looking for something like this.

  • 1987 - 4 Punk 57 Stars

    The last book I read by Penelope Douglas read like Bully and so did this one. I assume she likes writing these types of characters. I loved the history with Ryen and Misha and their letters. I just was not a fan of reading another book like Bully. I liked the element of wanting to fit in and not really knowing who you are, I think we as girls/women struggle with this our whole lives, not just in grade/high school. I thought the author did a great job of showing that side of Ryen. I highlighted some great stuff. It was not a five-star read for me but I read it in one sitting. For all the things I didn't like, there was more that I did.

  • Diggity Dan - Great price.

    I use this in my 07 Toyota Tundra for the front and rear differential and in the transfer case. Great price.

  • Pete - Sturdy, Dependable Lantern w/nice features

    Received my first purchase from Vitchelo. Its a definately a quality product It came charged and ready to use right out of the box.the slide out lantern feature is easily converted to a flashlight. There is a nice USB connection that you can use to charge your cell phone which is really nice and handy to have. There are two magnets at the top that are very strong and can hold the weight of the lantern without issue. There is also S.O.S. sigmal on the power button.The charging/battery meter is also a nice feature because you know exactly how much power you have available so it takes the guess work out. Ive been using it around the house and cant wait to take it camping. Its a little pricey if you purchase it for the full amount but i got a good sale price on it.

  • Redhotmomma - Stop being hypnotized by the infomercial. It doesn't work!

    Total B. S. does not work. No way no how. Wasted so much money. Don't believe the hype. It's all lies. Lies. Lies. I spent a TON of money on this line... so I'm not one of those youtube or amazon users who got the product for free to try. I used it all religiously AM and PM... never skipped a day! I used the Cold Plasma Sub D on neck, eye lift serum, amine face lift during day with cold plasma face, evening repair with cold plasma face, top it all of with the face finishing moisturizer. Used for 3 months now... religiously. Spent hundreds of dollars on this line. Bottom line: It's. All. LIES. Dr. Perricone is laughing all the way to his double-chinned bank account! I'm in my mid-thirties so it's not like I'm looking for a super miracle - just a little help. Well here's my advice ladies it doesn't get any realer than this: Turn off the TV. Stop watching the infomercials. Don't beLIEve that super model who has been using the product since she was 29- she's also been hitting the gym, has great genes, and definitely gets face peels and botox. Don't believe the hype. Don't waste your money. You can try it if you want to - I'm just trying to save some other sucker from wasting money on this when you can get yourself a nice Louis Vuitton or a couple of Coach bags instead! I HAD to try it. I just had to see for myself. Now I'm several hundred dollars poorer and I've got nothing to show for it. :P Still have a double chin, lines, and neck rings. Still have tiny jowels starting to show. Want to get rid of the neck waddle? I'll tell you what's starting to work for me- lots of cardio and eating more veggies. And some less expensive moisturizer. ONE moisturizer. That's it- not the 12 jars of snake oil Perricone expects you to stink up on your face twice a day. Get lost. Get a neck lift or lose thirty pounds. Those are your two viable options. PS: don't even bother with that Neckersizer gadget either. Used that- does nothing.