Alliance Remedial Supplies - Damp Proofing | Waterproofing - Alliance Remedial Supplies are suppliers of specialist building materials and renovation treatment products for damp proofing and waterproofing.

  • Damp Proofing - Alliance Remedial Supplies - We have a range of damp proofing supplies including DPC cream, damp proof paint and membranes and rising damp treatments, available for delivery across the UK.
  • DPC CREAM - Alliance Remedial Supplies - DPC Cream - Damp proofing injection cream used in the remedial treatment of rising damp. DPC cream is injected in the wall 150mm above external ground level
  • DAMP PROOFING MEMBRANES - Alliance Remedial Supplies - A comprehensive range of damp proofing membranes for both above ground and below ground applications. BBA damp proofing membranes available. 
  • DAMP PROOF PAINT - Alliance Remedial Supplies - Damp proof paint can be used directly on concrete, steel, brick, stone, timber, block and render to provide a barrier against dampness penetrating through surfaces. Ideal for concrete floor slabs, cellar walls, retaining walls, bonding agent for plaster and many other uses. Available in bitumen and latex polymer. Call us on 01329 235252 for advice on the best product for your job. We provide a full range of paint applicators HERE  Customers in a 35 mile radius of our own trade counter location can receive same day delivery service from our own vehicles on orders placed before 10am.
  • Water Proofing Supplies & Tanking Slurry | Alliance Remedial Supplies, UK - We have a range of water proofing supplies for different applications, including tanking slurry, render and membranes, available for delivery across the UK.
  • Tanking Render - Tanking render for damp proofing above ground and waterproofing below ground. Simply add water to, to form a creamy finish that is brush or trowel applied.
  • Membranes - High quality, great value range of Membranes for waterproofing basements, soil retaining walls, foundations, floor slabs and other below ground structures.
  • JOHN NEWTON - Alliance Remedial Supplies - John Newton waterproofing provide a maintainable basement waterproofing solution which is ideal for new-build basements and refurbishment projects. Comprises four components: Cavity Drain Membranes, Drainage, Pumps and Control Systems. Complies with the British Standard for Waterproofing. It is a maintainable system – so complies with the British Standard for Waterproofing BS8102. We can often give trade discounts on multiple items so call us on 01329 235252 to discuss your project.
  • Newton 500 System Membranes - John Newton 500 system of wall and floor membranes used in structural waterproofing of basements and cellars and damp proofing above ground.
  • BASEDRAIN - Alliance Remedial Supplies - Basedrain is a drainage channel system used to drain ground water ingress collected behind John Newton 500 system membrane installations.
  • CONSTRUCTION JOINT - Alliance Remedial Supplies - Suppliers of a range of waterstop bars and sealants for use in a construction joint for precast concrete, tunnel segments and concrete to steel. 
  • Surface Treatments, Brick Sealer & Algae Remover - See our range of surface coating products, including brick sealer, salt remover and algae remover, available for delivery across the UK.

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