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Country:, North America, US

City: -79.9791 Pennsylvania, United States

  • Amanda McFarland - I love these brushes

    I love these brushes!! They are made very well and are holding up beautifully!! I love that they are all different sizes and angles. They really work beautifully with all of the paints and materials I have used them with.

  • Dave - Using it for still hunting! It is sturdy, light, and I think it will hold up well

    I bought this to use while I am out hunting. I spend allot of my time still hunting. That is hunting on the ground while slowly moving through the woods. It is all about being quite and choosing every step carefully so as to make as little noise as possible. I feel this could be extremely helpful in that respect.

  • George Stalker - The U. S. Air Force moving crew removed ...

    The U.S. Air Force moving crew removed this upon shipping my daughter's GMC Terrain to Germany and it was never recovered. I found this one, purchased it, sent to my daughter in Germany, and it worked out perfectly. Thank you.

  • Karl G. - Mental focus and well being increased

    I was very impressed with my concentration and focus when I took this. I was able to stay on task and my work was more creative. I was relatively calm with a good sense of well being.