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  • Cartório Notarial Amadora-Lic.Ana Isabel Tomé - Amadora - Escrituras - No Cartório Notarial Amadora LIC Ana Isabel Tomé, pode realizar todos os serviços de Notários, nomeadamente Escrituras.
  • Cartório Notarial Amadora-Lic.Ana Isabel Tomé - Amadora - Escrituras de Sociedade - No Cartório Notarial LIC Ana Isabel Tomé, realizamos Escrituras de Sociedades.
  • Cartório Notarial Amadora-Lic.Ana Isabel Tomé - Amadora - Contactos e Localização - Estamos localizados na Rua Alfredo Keil 30,1º-D - 2700-036 AMADORA ( Venteira )

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  • Mr. Cash - highly recommend it.

    Wow! Simply wow! We started noticing a few roaches around the house, mainly coming from the back of the refrigerator. I can only assume they made their way in from the outside, since we haven't had them in the past. I initially purchased a few Raid products, that had a minor effect on the little monsters, and their numbers began to grow. I finally decided to do some research online, and came across this gem. THIS ACTUALLY WORKS! IT WORKS! It has been well over a month, and there's no more sign of these unwanted guests. I would give this 10 STARS if I could, highly recommend it. :)

  • Choosey Shoppa - Loving my Notebook

    I had to finally update myself and give up on my Windows Vista desktop. The first thing I said, after I set this up was "why didn't I do this sooner"!!!! I guess I was stuck in my old ways. SO VERY DELIGHTED with my notebook. It's fast, easy, responsive, & a great value. I love the fact that I'm no longer confined in one area..

  • joseph dixon - SPOT ON

    I saw the film twice in theatres. Looking back, it's amazing how D'Souza nailed the president's motives and results. It's unfortunate for the country that D'Souza's prediction turned out to be true. This film attempts to explain why.

  • Fractal Cat - It has worked for me

    I cannot swear with certainty that Amberen is helping me, but my life has improved in several ways since I began using it almost three months ago, to include sleeping better, having less pain with my cycles, a MUCH closer proximity to regularity with cycles, with more overall calmness and a sense of well-being. Night sweats were never an issue so I cannot comment on it from that standpoint. I had gone from complete predictability since age 12 through age 52 to harsh unpredictability about a year and a half ago. It has been a nightmare journey including frighteningly heavy cycles that lasted for up to 3 months, then later when regularity was being reestablished, debilitating pain like I have never known before appeared seemingly out of nowhere. There is no way that I am going to use synthetic hormones, so I was scrambling to find natural solutions, and it was during this roller coaster of issues and attempts at getting a tenuous and unsatisfactory handle on things that I began using Amberen. I immediately began feeling better, and relative predictability has again become a part of my life. My body is able to relax, and things keep getting better with time. I have decided to take the Amberen another two months before going off of it instead of the three they suggest. As for the msg issue, well, it is supposedly not the same msg used in cooking, it is a different form of msg. Through use of essential oils and natural products, I have become accustomed to finding that oftentimes, natural products can come in different forms for different uses and can have powerful healing properties associated with them. Perhaps msg is one such natural product. I also find Amberen to be interesting because it has created so much controversy. I have read reviews on several websites, and sometimes it is really attacked, not among users so much as skeptical external reviewers. If you go to a site that rates the product badly, especially if there is an 'ugly' skepticism to the review like someone has an axe to grind, I suggest taking the time to go down and read the reviews written by individual users on those same sites. I have generally found a lot of happy women who are experiencing relief. The owner of one website blasted Amberen in a review, and questioned the credibility of the contributors who said it worked for them, suspecting they were paid by Amberen, after which several of those women blasted her back by saying no, they have nothing to do with selling Amberen, were merely happy users. Its makers claim to be trying to treat the source of problems associated with menopause by reintroducing sensitivity in the body instead of merely relieving symptoms, an admirable goal if nothing else. My imaginings are that some of the smears out there are coming from competitors who claim to be unbiased but are really favoring a particular product. For some women it apparently does nothing, but I haven't come across any reviews claiming dangerous side effects. There do not appear to be any unforeseen monsters in the closet with this product, whereas other products can be flat out dangerous, an example being using tonic water for restless leg syndrome. Drinking tonic water every day to relieve leg and other body cramping can be VERY HELPFUL, but there are really scary monsters in the tonic water/quinine closet when it comes to constant daily use, like waking up months later with no liver or kidney function, or serious heart problems. Since Amberen doesn't appear to be one of those products, why is the skepticism over it so emotionally charged? That is what I want to know. For me, it works, and I am not worried about bad side effects down the road.

  • Joyful56 - Wonderful Product

    Fast delivery and good price for a beauty product I have used for several years. These pads help to keep my complexion fresh and even up skin tone. I will be buying for many years into the future.