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  • debra Brown - Not for me

    i tried it for 30 days and I didn't notice anything different from it, maybe if I would have taken it for a longer period of time.

  • J. Brown - Wish I hadn't purchased this

    I've used other, much more user friendly, home design software products. I also took a couple of CAD courses in college. This is a glitchy nightmare. All wall layers flicker and show at the same time and the 3D camera is constantly throwing up errors. Half the buttons they show on the Chief tutorials, that would make creating roofs and modifying objects much easier, don't exist in this version. Creating a gable end roof is a nightmare and my chosen house plan is full of them. When you click the create gable roof button, you get a definition of a gable roof, followed by directions telling how to further modify supporting walls (on a perfect square room) to get a gable end. This doesn't work 99% of the time within a complex house plan. So, I have to resort to guessing pitches and combinations for every line. The library is so skimpy, I'll have to create half the objects (like square columns) myself. How do you estimate costs for a drawn object? If you value your time and sanity, look elsewhere.

  • Ita Diaz - great cream, junky jar

    This is an excellent cream. At the beginning was a little bit frustrating because the jar pump is not working. Therefore, be aware that the jar is junky. Once you pass that frustration, you can appreciate the quality of this cream.

  • ellafan - Cooks like a dream...but cylindrical plastic tower/tub...

    ...doesn't last. I used my first NW oven for a year.Very,very happy with it. Easy to use.Cooks all manner of food wonderfully well. I have no problems with performance. However,I had to replace the plastic(acrylic?) "tub" because the first one simply broke. I did nothing to damage it.I just fell apart one day. So I ordered a second "tub." Which worked great for about 6 months,then it too, just fell to pieces. Both tubs had been taken good care of. I don't understand why they broke! I am very sad because I so loved my NW and told all of my friends about how much I loved it. But now...I guess I will have to go to a stainless steel toaster oven. Stainless steel will be harder to break.

  • garlec - sitting on my desk now

    I travel a lot and refer to this book for immunization ideas for different countries. This has it all. Well worth the price for reference