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  • Roman - Boring

    I was excited to get the game. Ultimately though, it is really boring. I found I had to force myself to trudge on, even though I didn't want to. Eventually, I wasn't able to play anymore. There just isn't enough there to keep me interested. The story lines are not good. After the first few I just started clicking through them to get to the fighting. Even that though isn't great. There isn't enough strategy needed to fight. It is mostly just hack and slash. You can easily make it to level 20 without ever needing to use a healing potion. Overall, it is just boring.

  • Grandma Mary - Extremely clunky

    I have had versions 2010 and 2011 - so upgraded to 2012 to get more graphics/cards, etc. It does have some nice new graphics/cards/projects - but the issue is with printing. I use this program to make cards throughout the year for my grandchildren. They enjoy getting cards that are personal (with their own name, etc). But this program when it comes to printing - needs help. I have it on 2 different computers with 2 different printers and some of the issues are: in the 2012 version when you're doing multiple envelopes the address list comes up with only the last name - now I have a whole bunch of people with the exact same last name - so how come it doesn't list first and last name (previous versions did). There doesn't appear to be a way to keep your address for the return address (that never changes) - version 2010 did. I have a printer that does auto duplexing - but that option does not work with Hallmark cards - so I have to manually duplex - why? Also - in the pre-designed cards sometimes the graphics doesn't print to the edge - even if I have borderless printing checked - and when you try to upsize the graphic to fill the space - nothing says homemade like a big white border around the front cover graphics. I used to have that problem with my older printer (HP 7960) - but Hallmark did an update and that apparently updated the printer problems with the white border. They need to do something like that for my Canon 6120.

  • Richard F. Fragel - Sophisticated Writing Still Lives...

    Very elegant writing tool that feels great and inspires you with every stroke of the pen. It helped remind me that writing is, indeed, becoming a lost art...but not with your Waterman rollerball pen!

  • Erika Daman - Short and sweet novelette

    I enjoyed this little story about an interfering Cupid, now will Biast and Jenna get out of their own heads to make a lasting connection? And what about Cloud? Read and find out

  • PAUL C. - Poor Tech Support

    I have had several frustrating experiences dealing with McAfee Tech Support. The Home Network feature, which worked prior to 2014, never worked in 2014. I am switching to another protection supplier in 2015

  • zacscott - 1st Birthday he love it

    My son just loves Harry the Bunny so much this was my son 1st birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy. You have the themm song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,ABC's,123's and him saying carrots our his favourite treat when you push carrot on his outfits. Very soft it realy big but not small either so easy carry every where you go. Good thing I bought it my son need have 1st year shots and he had blood drawn. Came in hand love this toys so does my son.

  • Mike.the.kraken - Works great... for a week or two

    Initially, the results were great. A nice bright improvement in color, very noticible. After two weeks, I had run the course of using the product and went back to my normal routine that does not include coffee, red wine, dark berries, etc. Within two - three weeks, my teeth were back to almost the same shade I started with. It was basically 4 steps forward, 3 steps back.