ACT Today! | Autism Care and Treatment - ACT Today! provides grant money for families that cannot afford or access the treatments their autistic children need. From protective helmets, to social skills groups, to ABA and biomedical treatments, ACT Today! does everything they can to help autistic children achieve their highest potential.

  • The Compassion Project - ACT Today! - ACT Today!'s goal is to spread awareness and educate people on the rampant bullying of young people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), foster understanding of those who are 'Atypical,' and provide access to treatments and life supports for families that cannot afford or access the treatments their children with autism need.

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  • Kreestan - Above Average

    I am often disappointed by this yearly anthology. I love short fiction, but the pieces selected for Best American tend to be too self-aware and too literary for my taste. The 2010 collection has exceeded my expectations by presenting stories which are, for the most part, vibrant and engaging and without the distractions of heavy-handed philosophy and stylistic tricks.

  • KAREN K. - Great for my short pixie...

    I like this product as it is not heavy and a little but goes a long way on my pixie style. I have worn hats over my style, then just finger styled after hat removal. It is a natural, non-stiff, style putty. It does not leave your hair sticky or tacky. I have used it on damp and totally dry hair. My son had this product on his vanity. I tried it a few times before I bought my own.

  • Mr. Walker - Great price and quick delivery

    These replacement caps were very inexpensive. Bought these four for less than the price of one original equipment hubcap and they fit perfectly. Arrived quickly and were just as advertised. No center logo, but for the price, you can't beat them.

  • Suzie A. - A Good Suspense. Novel

    While first person is not my favorite style this book made it work well. It had a good variety of plot lines both primary any sub, as well as some hints of other situations that might be going on. It was a fast read so it would be good for anyone with limited or short bursts of reading time.

  • ChristinaK - Best price for what you get in return

    I drink this every morning and feel awake and full. It has tons of vitamins and nutrients for my body so it starts my day off perfect. The taste isn't bad either. It's exactly what it claims to be....tangy, but it's much better than some other green grass drinks I've had with less sugar too. I'll definitely order this product again.