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  • PressureWasherGuy - LOOK

    BUY bags of top soil, even it out, spread grass seed, walk on it to flatten-into soil, lightly water it 2x daily to keep it moist but don't soak it away so it runs...

  • Granny Gardener - Orange blossoms in the shower

    After staying at a hotel that provided samples, my husband asked me to find a source. Amazon did it again. I gave him two bottles for Christmas. The orange blossom fragrance is heavenly. I use a product for color treated hair, or I'd use it as well.

  • Mai Le - Loving this product!

    Been using this Slendertone for more than 3 years now. Loving it everyday and every week! This product really works. I was skeptical at first before buying this so I did some research on it. I'm glad that I decided to buy and gave it a try. For those people who said this doesn't work isn't true. I'm sorry to say that if you're overweight like I was, you need to put this thing on EVERYDAY and set it for at least 40 mins. That was what I did for half a year. I dropped almost 10 lbs. Amazing! The better thing is that it contracts your muscles in a way that you don't even feel like eating a lot any more. I continued to use this every week after that. Recently, I just gave birth and now I'm back to this thing again. The result is still amazing! People asked me how I dropped weight so fast and achieve a great body shape, I told them "Slendertone" it's the fastest, laziest and most convenient way to lose weight! (haha)

  • April - Love it, But My Curls Don't!

    I absolutely love this stuff. It has that Living Proof scent in it that smells lovely. This product gives my hair so much volume. The bigger the hair the better in my opinion and this definitely helps with that. It also soaks up some oil kind of like a dry shampoo would do, which is amazing. The only thing that I hate about this product is the amount of frizz it gives my curly hair. I have naturally curly hair and I rarely wear it straight, so it is kind of disappointing that this isn't the greatest for curls.

  • leftfoot - Better than a baby gate!

    I put this in the doorway to my 3 year old's room and then walked away. It's been 4 days now and he hasn't tried to leave the room. Heck, he hasn't even cried!! Every so often I put a bowl of water in the floor and some sandwiches and I see him rocking himself gently to sleep under his mattress, all tucked in. This is SOOOO much better than leaving him in the kennel - and guests are much less judgmental. You should get your today!

  • Amazon Customer - Save your money for a better sweater. I should have

    Wow in this picture this sweater looks so nice no wonder I bought it. In REALITY, it looks like cheap material, the sleeves where your wrist would be are shorter than they show in the picture. Zipper looks so cheapm It kills the entire look of the sweater and makes it look so cheap , seriously save yur money .