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  • lee dishmon - I'd recommend it to anyone who has cancer and anyone who ...

    A very informative book that also gives people hope that they can survive this disease. I'd recommend it to anyone who has cancer and anyone who wants to prevent it.

  • Annette Reader - Totally worth the wait

    Mrs. Welch, you continue to outdo yourself. The two books offer a clear insight into who Gabriel is and where he came from. I absolutely loved this book, the storyline, the development of the characters, especially Valeriya. She is a uniquely strong character right from the onset who was determined and passionate about her cause a n d live fir her people. Gabriel use to be my least favorite character in this series but that totally changed after reading these books. I know there were issues downloading the book with Amazon but it was definitely worth the wait. Can't wait to read again!!!!

  • Ryan L. Givhan - Stick to Simcity 4

    DRM has ruined this game. I paid my 60 dollars like everyone else, and I can't play this game at all because of all the server problems.

  • CCall - I love this product!

    What can I say about this? Its great...not sticky, gummy or heavy to the hair...unless you over saturate your hair which will lead to product build up. It smells great and it keeps my kinky coils hydrated and soft.

  • Greg lopez - Great product

    Product made a major difference in my riding. I am not a very experience rider, however these shoes have made it easier to go on longer rides.

  • Dan R. - and I am surprised at just how much better these 20 volt lithium tools perform--light weight

    I have had most all of the 18 volt Dewalt tools, and I am surprised at just how much better these 20 volt lithium tools perform--light weight, great power, and the 5 amp hour battery last a very long time. After this set, I also purchased the amazing multi-tool and a Sawsall. Very happy with all.

  • gatorface2 - Light Weight & Good Storage

    This is a great light weight bag with lots of storage. The feet are nice so the bag does not slide on surfaces like other bags.