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  • Marie Louise - Wonderful portable unit for relief of pain

    Wonderful for pain in back or neck. Portable unit can be easily taken with you and used anywhere. Has a 15 minute timer, so it does need to be turned back on if you want to use it longer. Very helpful for strained muscles.

  • Sarah - This is the answer to living roach free!!!!

    I can't believe this is working! I moved into a this house about 6 months ago. I was lucky to get it as my credit has been ruined so when I walked in to start moving things in and saw a roach I figured I'd just wait a bit to move in and let the landlord send an exterminator. When the guy came he was in and out pretty quick. I went ahead and moved in. 3 weeks went by and Id see one here and there. I called to ask for another spray because I heard that's what you do for the new hatchlings or whatever. Well he came out and had me do no prep and was in and out in a flash. Once again I kept seeing them here and there every few weeks. Then recently I started seeing one scurry every other day. I explained to the landlord that I thought the exterminator was worthless and he agreed to send a different one out. I took to google and found this amazing product. Once I got it I started in on a deep clean. I have 4 children 5 and under and it's pretty amazing where all the crumbs end up to feed the roaches lol. Once the main spots were cleaned I went into the heavy duty stuff. I removed the oven and that's where I found large cracks, holes, roach droppings, and some babies scurrying away. I swept it up bleached it down, did the same with the fridge where I also found droppings. I thought I had a minor issue but just hours after placing combat behind the fridge, oven, cabinets, and bathroom the purge has officially commenced. These suckers are already sprawled out dying in my hallway and kitchen. I am so happy! My landlord said he showed the product to the new exterminator he'll be using and he informed him this is exactly what I should be doing. This works people!

  • L. A. Wayte - This is the future of home exercise, but it's got room for improvement

    I'm tempted to give this 5 stars, just because I like the concept so much. But there are enough flaws in it that I can really only justify 4. Plenty of other reviews here give a complete rundown of what's involved in the program, and how it compares with the previous version (which I did not own), so I'll skip right to what I think is good about it and what needs improvement. Just so you know, I've used it for 4 months now, 3 times per week continuously, so I'm in good position to judge its merits.

  • James W. Ricci Jr. - Incredible Workout!

    As the prior reviewer indicated in his good review, this machine is great! I was going to purchase the E35 but decided at the last moment to go with the larger and slightly more advanced E55. I have had it since January 15th or so and have not been disappointed. Our whole family uses it from the 50 year old (ol' man) to my 9 year old daughter. A very heavy duty unit that can take my 6'5" 275 Lb frame and not go limp! Simply an excellent machine that provides and incredible work-out. I checked on many other manufacturers and the Sole was the only one to come close (if not better than) those in the gyms I used to go to!

  • Carol M. - Great book, helped me prepare for a presentation on ...

    Great book, helped me prepare for a presentation on social security strategies. If you're in the business, you need this book.