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  • Amazon Customer - So Fun It'll Scare The Silly Out Of Ya!

    I've been playing with the Ouija board ever since I was in grade school. I have always found that this can be very educational, as one night when my girlfriends and I were sitting round a campfire, we channeled my great grandma! My great grandma shared a lot of things with me that I never knew about grandpa! Like I never was aware that grandpa wore 2 left shoes. I have also found that the Ouija board is durable, as mine has even withstood nervous hand sweat. I rank it high in the fun department as this game has caused many a stampede of scared people fleeing from my house. A true winner!

  • J. P. - Works Every time

    I used this in a previous apartment and within days my roach problem was gone. So when I saw one in my new place I immediately ordered Combat again, and have I yet to see another roach in this apartment.