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  • Erica Watford - Great Crock Pot!

    I use a crock pot a minimum of once per week. I have had one for several years that worked, but would get so hot (even on the "keep warm setting") that the liquid would scorch along the sides of the dish. Because it was the only crock pot I had ever owned, I thought that was how they all worked.... I decided to get a new one and was looking for one with the automatic timer that would cook, then switch to "keep warm." I purchased this one, expecting it to cook the same way. After cooking one meal, it was obvious how terrible my previous crock pot was. This one cooks evenly, never scorches, and the casing is surprisingly lightweight! The oval shape also makes it easier for me to store. This might be one of my favorite purchases ever.

  • Amazon Customer - 4 months and little fuzzies

    I've been using it nightly for a few months and have recently noticed lots of short fuzzy hairs all over the top of my head. Missed the odd day here and there but never days in a row.

  • Sneezy 5 - Not well written

    Plot was interesting enough but the book was poorly written. Often there were names and things I had no clue what they were referencing. Only finished the book because I felt plot committed and wanted to know the ending. Engaged every time I read it, but found myself never wanted to pick it back up to finish it.